I’m feeling totally crazy writing this post as I can’t believe it’s been 50 WHOLE days since not only writing my 100 Days Until Disney World post but also 50 days until I actually move to Disney World. That’s right, 50 days until I MOVE TO WALT DISNEY WORLD IN FLORIDA FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. Excited is an understatement.

After that crazy excited introduction I do have to put my tail between my legs and admit that it’s actually 50 days until I move tomorrow, but considering I post on Wednesdays I have had to post a day early. Also we’re actually driving down to the airport the night before as our flight has been changed to 10am instead of 4pm. So, technically it’s 50 days today until my journey starts!

Since I wrote my 100 Days Until Disney World post I have ticked a few things off of my ‘to do list’ such as new glasses and contact lenses. I’ve also received my DBS form back which I then had to forward to Yummy Jobs. Which, of course, was cleared with no trouble at all. I am now in the 30-60 days prior to arrival category on the International Disney website which is crazy! It now means I have a few things I need to look over such as the Disney Look and organising my folder for the flight with all the correct paperwork.

I have reorganised my suitcase again as I wanted to work out what items I already have and what things I need to pick up before I go. I have been trolling the Walgreens and Walmart websites to try and work out if there is any items that I use regularly that I won’t be able to purchase in the US, so I can stock up before I leave.

Recently I’ve been organising and planning a load of ‘last minute’ things I want to do before I move to the US. One I did last week was eating fish and chips on Cromer Pier as the sun went down and it was as wonderful as I had hoped and definitely something I will consequently miss. I’ve organised my leaving party for work which is a slight relief as they are always a slight nightmare to try and organise. My VISA appointment documents came through on Saturday and I have since spent a total of 5 and a half HOURS attempting to complete the form. I can now proudly say I have completed it (after a lot of screaming at my laptop) and my appointment is all booked for early May. I just now need to do some reading on the documents and have everything prepared for what I need to take to my interview.

Another thing I am yet to organise is how to carry my money across. I have been doing lots of googling but think the best and most sufficient way is to do part cash and part travel card before I get my Disney pay card. Of course I will have my debit card but I think I am also going to get a credit card for emergencies.

I am so excited for this adventure to begin and I can’t believe it’s only 50 days away!! Make sure to follow me on all of my social media to keep updated on my magical adventure:

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