I’m still in shock that I’m actually writing this post to be quite frank. 9 MONTHS. 9 WHOLE MONTHS SINCE I FINISHED MY PROGRAM?!?? I literally can’t believe it. The last 9 months have been the slowest months ever but also flown by, it’s been so strange.

Christmas happened so quickly – it was here and gone in a festive flash. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and I’ve always been in a job where it means I am super busy during the festive season. This always alternates between having the best time ever and being exhausted emotionally and physically. I would never change it for the world but come January I am always ready for a week long nap.

Recently I’ve been struggling with knowing what to post on my YouTube channel. Obviously whilst on my program I could easily vlog my days and upload them, but being home is not as easy to share content with you all. For a long time I had people messaging me asking me to do some videos on the CRP application process and that was when it hit me, why not do a whole series?! It not only provides content for you all but it’s something I’m super passionate about! I absolutely never want to provide fluff content for you all, it’s so important to me that I am 100% authentic at all times…and what’s more authentic for me than CRP videos! If you haven’t watched it already here is the link to the whole series (so far)!

Back in February I went on a trip to Northern Ireland to visit when of my closest friends from my program! I hadn’t seen her properly in a long time and I got to visit her hometown and it truly was beautiful. We visited the Dark Hedges, Giants Causeway and did a bus tour around the city centre. If you guys haven’t been to N.Ireland…I highly recommend it as it was just beautiful.

Me and my boyfriend Daniel have been spending a lot of time planning our trip to Walt Disney World. We have obviously been really excited booking fast passes and making dining reservations the past couple of weeks. However, with the recent pandemic very rapidly growing our trip is not looking likely. We are trying to stay positive but of course the health and safety of all the Cast Members in the parks is more important as we can just re-arrange our trip.

Disney+ however is just round the corner so that will be giving us some Disney magic whilst the parks currently cannot.

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