Usually my pick at the theatre is something typically ‘Vaudeville’ with electric sets/costumes and spectacle numbers; I’ve always enjoyed the film and the music from Rocky Horror so I figured why not give it a try. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, merely knowing it is a relatively huge thing at the theatre considering the dressing up and interaction aspect, but I didn’t realise how much of the audience participation was scripted. Usually, I’m not one for breaking the fourth wall at the theatre, but the audience participation was fun, extremely comedic and something you can’t get in any other production. I wish I would have googled it before I ventured to the show because I felt like I was slightly missing out on the ‘Rocky Horror etiquette’.

There’s not much of a story, but admittedly I didn’t expect much. The music almost more than definitely makes up for it, reminding me slightly of Cole Porter’s ‘Anything Goes’…no story but wonderful songs. The set wasn’t crazy extravagant but easy and simple, most probably for the ease of using it to travel on tour with. I enjoyed the costumes, especially the finale costumes that echoed the red and black colour scheme of Frank-N-Furter’s castle.

When I first discovered I was going to see a UK Tour of Rocky Horror at my local theatre I instantly started mind-mapping costumes and finding pictures of Pinterest. However, I kept battling back and forth of I’m not going to dress up, I am going to dress up etc. As predicted, at the last minute I decided I was going to dress up in the fear of not fitting in. Wanting to sustain my innocence (quite a struggle when watching Rocky Horror admittedly), I decided on a last minute Janet costume: white blouse, pink polka dot skirt and a ribbon in my hair = easy and quick.

One actor that did stand out to me was Richard Meek who played Brad, his acting was sublime and then he started to sing and I was blown away at how perfect his voice was for Brad, but also complimenting Hayley Flaherty’s (Janet) voice. I then discovered he was from Norfolk and felt an awesome triumphant feeling for him to see him perform on his home stage.

Although parts of the story were extremely sexualised, it was done in an amusing and clever way that let’s face it, makes Rocky Horror what it is. This show is something I could go and see repeatedly as the humour and audience interaction is timeless.

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