Recently, I just finished ‘After You’ by Jojo Moyes after reading ‘Me Before You’ and to be completely honest, I am confused and overall really not sure how to feel. I loved some moments, predicted others, yet still managed to cry at the ending.

It was great to once again reconnect with Lou and her daily struggles with life, at times I emphasised with her and even slightly understood her problems. But there was something missing. I enjoyed her new romance with Sam but it wasn’t entirely right in my mind. I soon realised I was happy Lou was happy yet still wanted nothing but for her to be with Will.

As I mentioned in my review of ‘Me Before You’ (I’ll link it here) I didn’t enjoy the ending and most definitely didn’t predict it; I think my heart is still hung up on the ending of that book. Conclusively, what I’m saying is that I wish Moyes’ wouldn’t have written another book. Yes, I love Moyes’ writing style and hope to pick up some of her other novels, but I think it would have been safer for my heart if I would have never picked this book up.

But despite this, as soon as I did start reading it, I could barely put it down. I read 100s of pages at once and couldn’t wait to find a spare moment to be alone with this book. Hence, why the first sentence of this review was… I’m confused.

Overall, I enjoyed the story but I did find the book quite depressing…but is this what Moyes was intending, for us as the reader to emphasise with Lou overcoming her depression of Will’s death? I loved the first book, but part of me feels like it should have been left there.

What did you think of ‘After You’? Please pop your thoughts in the comments, I’m super intrigued on everyone elses thoughts on this book as I’m still undecided on how to feel.

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