For a while now I have been eager to delve into one of Holly Bourne’s superbly acclaimed novels. Not too long ago I accidentally picked up the second book in this series from the library thinking they were all ‘self-help’ novels – once I started doing some research I soon realised it was a series! I was totally delighted but also disappointed that I had to return the second in the series back to the library and begin a hunt for the first.

Not too long ago I was charity shop shopping with a few friends when I noticed this special edition copy of ‘Am I Normal Yet?’ for only £1 – I know, a £1??? Of course I had to snap it up before anyone else did.

Being a 19 year old girl as soon as I got knee deep I soon realised that I needed this book about 5 years ago at the peak of my ‘teenage girl syndrome’. Bourne takes us on a rollercoaster journey through Evie’s relapse and recovery of having OCD and in turn anorexia. She battles with wanting to be normal and not let it slip to her new found friends Amber and Lottie that she’s suffering from mental health problems.

Of course, being the friends they are Amber and Lottie have absolutely no problem with Evie’s mental health issues and like all of us, Evie was merely overthinking. But, the novel itself is a reminder to everyone who has suffered/is suffering that its okay not to be ‘normal’ – there is no normal anyway. You are you and that is enough.

Alongside all of this the three girls create a group called ‘The Spinster Club’ where they discuss all things feminist and attempt to become stronger women in the 21st Century – something we all should aspire to achieve.

We can’t have a teenage novel without romance either so of course we see Evie battle between a few guys to work out where her heart and alliances lie. It was amusing to see bits of myself in Evie like I’m sure most teenage girls would. Even though it is fiction I would almost call this book a ‘teenage girl bible’ which acts as a self help book to initiate the process of surviving High School.

I enjoyed nearly everything about this book, the ups and the downs were heartbreaking yet riveting and I just absolutely cannot wait to not just read the rest in the series, but the rest of Bourne’s work.