It is no secret that I am a huge lover of theming…particularly Halloween aesthetics. But, last year I discovered a new found love for Spring and all things Easter and of course that has crept back into my life a year on. Whenever it is a great time of year to do themed events (Easter, Halloween and Christmas) I always like to do as much of the activities specific to that time of year because you can’t do them any other time (without looking crazy). So, without further ado I shall share with you my favourite Easter activities:

  • Easter Egg Hunts: Is it even Easter if you don’t participate in an egg hunt? Although I am now an adult I still enjoy Easter egg hunts as much as I did as a child. Last year we went to Blickling Hall for the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and it was so much fun and more difficult than we expected! This year we are venturing to Felbrigg Hall for another Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and I could not be more excited as we had such a great time last year.
  • Chocolate: Being a huge lover of sweet treats of course chocolate had to be on this list. Malteaser Bunnies/Reindeers are one of my favourite treats of ALL TIME, I could literally eat one after the other. Another one of my favourite Easter treats is of course mini eggs – absolutely nothing beats them.
  • Easter Themed Movies: There may not be a lot of Easter themed movies excluding ‘Hop’ but I also like to watch movies such as ‘Zootropolis’ for a fun twist on what we perceive a ‘typical’ bunny to be.
  • Easter Baking: One of my favourite things to do at Easter is of course make rice crispie/cornflake/shredded wheat cakes! This year I decided to step it up a notch and made a shredded wheat NEST! It looked so cute and tasted insane – but cutting/serving was slightly difficult, so be prepared for mess. All I did was put 6 shredded wheat in a bowl, crushed them up and then melted 300g of dairy milk on the hob, mixed them together and put in the refrigerator to harden. And then of course topped with mini eggs and a baby chick.

  • Roast Dinners: Roast Dinners are naturally acceptable at any time of the year but nothing beats the likeness to a Christmas dinner than an Easter Sunday roast.
  • LUSH Bath Bombs: Whenever there is a new season, there’s of course new LUSH bath bombs to try! I ventured into my local LUSH and discovered some fairly amazing looking bombs and bubble bars. I’m using bubble bars by the bucket load at the minute so I opted for no bombs, although they did look fairly amazing. I have used the ‘Golden Egg’ in the past and although it smells fantastic, the glitter in the bath is absolutely crazy. The bubble bars I picked was the ‘Cream Egg’ bubble bar, one in the Circles design and the other in Spotty and the ‘Bunch of Carrots’. I absolutely adore the design of the carrots, I think it’s so fun and there was no way I was leaving them behind. The Cream Egg smells absolutely delightful, the spearmint is super strong which is great when you feel you have a cold on the horizon as it really clears your tubes.
  • Decorating: I love decorating regardless of the season (especially Halloween) and this year the Easter decorations have really stepped up in stores. I grabbed a couple of pieces from my local Tiger for a cost effective price and they’ll be great to reuse!

What do you guys get up to over the Easter weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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