It’s official: Summer is finally coming to an end. In just under two weeks it will be my favourite season of the year and I could not be more excited for autumnal leaves and anything with pumpkins on.

But, there’s no way I could transfer from one season to another without sharing with you my favourites from the last 3 months! So, without further ado I give you my 2017 Summer favourites:

Descendants 2 Soundtrack: Being not only a huge Disney fan but also a Disney Channel fan I knew that I was going to love absolutely everything about ‘Descendants 2’. I love the soundtrack from the first movie so of course I’ve been obsessed with the second; my favourite song is definitely ‘Chillin’ Like a Villain’.

Porgs: It’s nearly been a week since Force Friday 2 and a week since I discovered the cuteness that is porgs. I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of porgs are in ‘The Last Jedi’ other than looking cute and possibly annoying Chewbacca…but I do know that I’m going to adore them in the movie regardless.

Anything Force Friday/The Last Jedi related: Following on from the above – ever since Force Friday 2 I have been beyond excited for anything ‘The Last Jedi’ related and absolutely cannot wait for it to be out in cinemas.

Faux Fur Sliders: Usually in the summer I live in my canvas shoes but over time I got bored of taking forever to put them on/take them off so decided I needed an easier alternative. This is when sliders came in to play! I knew I wanted ones with fur on and I honestly have not looked back since. If you want to read more about my sliders I talk about them in my Summer Look Book post here.

Walt Disney World Sweatshirt: When I was recently on holiday in Florida I just had to buy one of the new ‘Walt Disney World’ sweatshirts. I picked up mine in navy and even though it was $60 it was so worth it because I wear it all the time. It’s so soft and comfy and perfect for those 7am starts at work where I am too much of a zombie to even work out how to dress myself.

Urban Decay Naked HEAT palette: Do I even have to explain this one?

Pixi Glow Tonic: I picked this up whilst in the US as I’d heard so many good things about it and I honestly cannot recommend it enough. Ever since using it my skin has been so much clearer and I feel so much more confident.

Label Maker: Who knew how much a 19 year old girl would be obsessed over a label maker? I use it for absolutely everything from scrapbooking to actually labelling stuff. I will link the one I bought here: Dymo S0717930 Omega Home Embossing Label Maker – Blue– I honestly cannot recommend it enough.

Unicorn Pool Float: Because how can you even have a good Summer without some form of animal pool float? I of course opted for the unicorn!

Finding Audrey: It wouldn’t be an end of season favourites without adding in a book I’ve recently devoured. ‘Finding Audrey’ was a book I’ve wanted to explore for a while as I’ve read nearly all of the Sophie Kinsella shopaholic books and love Kinsellas writing style. The insight into Audreys life struggling with everything from mental health to families is a must have for any teenager adapting to becoming an adult.

Rose Gold Suitcase: Earlier in the year I was meant to be embarking on an adventure to Monaco for work but it was sadly cancelled due to the British Airways cyber attack. It was only a weekend away so I really wanted to get a small suitcase that was small enough for hand luggage but big enough for weekends away and thus I found the most perfect rose gold suitcase of my dreams (pictured). I’ve since taken it to London with me a couple of times and it most definitely will be coming to Spain with me later this month.

The Sound of Halloween: It is no secret that Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday of the year and I cannot wait for it to be upon us.


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