This week I was extremely lucky to not only be invited to the press screening of ‘The Last Jedi’ but also the European premier for work. I watched it this Monday and wasn’t allowed to share anything regarding the movie until the embargo was lifted at 5pm last night. I was planning to share my review of the film then, but sadly my business, tiredness and work scheuedle took charge so I’m sharing my thoughts with you now instead (24 hours later than intended).

I will keep this review to a spoiler free zone before the film is released tomorrow as I would hate to ruin it for anyone. I personally still haven’t recovered from the sheer amount of shock and drama that was distributed across the wonderful IMAX screen in Leicester Square on Monday.

As I settled into the cinema and waited for the opening crawl to begin I felt a pang of panic in my heart, as I suddenly wasn’t prepared for ANOTHER Star Wars film, how lucky we are and how quickly the last two years have flown by!

I absolutely adored all of the new characters and how they quickly settled into the dynamic of the Resistance. The only newcomer I was slightly disappointed by was BB-9E and that was only because he had very little screen time. I loved watching Rose take to the screen and settle into becoming a huge part of the Resistance story. It was also lovely to see our favourite ‘Force Awakens’ characters return whilst blossoming into Star Wars legends. Daisy Ridley of course absolutely stole the show as my favourite character (Rey); it was so amazing to watch her learn the ways of the force. Surprisingly I even enjoyed Kylo Ren in this film – something unusual for me as I’m normally always anti-villains, but I feel like the love for Kylo is something you will soon understand once you’ve seen the film.

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I have been excited to see the porgs on the big screen for months now so when I finally got to see them fly into action I squealed so loud I’m sure the entire cinema heard me. Surprisingly, the porgs had more screen time than I expected and are definitely the cutest new addition to the Star Wars franchise.

I laughed from the endless wit but also cried from the nostalgic essence that Rian Johnson perfectly created with the old and new characters combined. I honestly think not only normal viewers but the fans will be shocked with the sheer battle between good and evil that envelopes us all once again into a galaxy far, far away.

And not to mention I finally completed my dream of meeting the wonderful droid that is BB-8! I’m extremely lucky to get to spend a lot of time with Threepio and R2 but never BB-8. He was adorable in every way I imagined he would be and I cannot wait to hopefully have the opportunity to meet him again.

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It’s difficult to go into detail about how fantastic this movie is without spoiling it – but I cannot emphasise enough how much you guys need to go out and see ‘The Last Jedi’ this Christmas. ‘The Force Awakens’ is my favourite Star Wars film and I didn’t think they could beat it, but boy was I wrong.