I understand that this post is slightly late – nearly 3 weeks late in fact. But, my new years post was about what books I read in 2016 and my Good Reads reading goal for 2017, not my general events/goals in 2017.  In the last couple of weeks I have been working on a few things and discovered a few events that I’m excited about in 2017. I figured that now that I really am excited for 2017, why not make a blog post about everything that’s happening in 2017 and all of my personal goals I hope to achieve!

Ellie heart THINGS I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO Ellie heart

  • First of all I, am going on my first ever Star Wars trip to Norway in February for ‘Visit Hoth’. I am so excited to go to the location where ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ was filmed and to spend a few days exploring in Oslo. I of course, have been attempting to prepare with buying a few hundred layers as its currently getting as low as -11!
  • Starting Ballet lessons. Recently, after attending an audition I was desperate for, I failed at the round that I knew I was my weakest: dance. Since, I have been attending jazz dance lessons, but my heart has always been yearning to attempt ballet. The past two years I have jumped on and off the bandwagon at the idea but last week I finally took the leap and am so excited to start
  • Visiting Florida for my 10th time! My heart belongs in Orlando and I am so lucky to have amazing parents that keep going back to see our family and of course visit Walt Disney World
  • Celebrating my 3 years working for the Disney company
  • Becoming 19 – not a huge milestone, but I cannot wait to say “only 19, but my mind is older”
  • Finally seeing the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’! I am absolutely so excited for this to finally be on the big screen and to of course see the merchandise…I am counting down the days it seems. Of course, I am also excited for ‘Cars 3’, ‘Coco’, ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2’
  • Going to see ‘Hamilton’! I cannot believe I was ever so lucky to get tickets to see ‘Hamilton’ in the first week of previews when it opens on the West End. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat so this is like a dream come true and easily one of the most exciting things of 2017 for me
  • Visiting Europe again; its been so long since I visited Europe, especially Spain, so I’m extremely excited to be visiting Majorca in September

Ellie heart WHAT I HOPE TO ACHIEVE Ellie heart

  • Like I mentioned earlier, Walt Disney World is like my home. In 2017 I hope to land a Cast Member role in somewhere other than the Store, whether it be Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris or even the Cruise Line, it’s always been a dream of mine and I’m hoping 2017 is the year I get the opportunity to make it happen
  • Learn a new language – preferably French or dating back to my GCSE roots of Spanish! I can’t learn a whole language in only 1 year, but I hope to stretch my learning this year and set the foundations of a new language
  • Save more money! This of course is something we all hope to achieve every day, but I have so much I want to do and feel I waste so much money on food (not a bad thing I know). I’d love to buy my own camera for example and thats something I can’t currently do because I spend all of my money on chicken nuggets and cake
  • Become fit and healthy again in my every day way of life
  • Write more; not only on here, but the workings of what could one day be a book of mine
  • Have the perfect skin – bit of a silly one but I always get really self conscious when I have a few spots cropping up. I’m hoping to find the best products in 2017 to help achieve perfect skin
  • And of course, hit my good reads target of reading 50 books! A hefty task but I am up to the challenge as I forever want to extend my love of the literature world

I’m sure as the year progresses I will discover more things I hope to achieve and hopefully I can share them with you on here. What do you all want to achieve in 2017? I am always interested in hearing about all of your dreams that you hope to fulfil, pop them in the comments below!

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