Recently I’ve been feeling a little bit stressed attempting to balance moving to Florida, planning trips and working. So, I took a couple of minutes to sit back and re-address why I do all of the things I do and how I can make my day a little bit more stress free by trying to do more than half of these 10 things every day. Of course, we’re all human so not every day we can act like superwoman and do all of these things and beyond, but doing just a few of them makes my days a little bit more stress free.

  1. READ: I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to read! It’s the easiest way to not only learn new things about our world but also learn new vocabulary. It is quite possibly the easiest way to make me sleepy for bedtime! Even if it is only 10 pages try and read every day especially before you sleep as its a great way to get ready to switch off instead of staring at your phone screen.
  2. Wake up at the same time every day: Admittedly, this one is difficult and not always one I stick to. I try to get up at 9am every day to keep in sync and not waste any time in bed. Usually this forces me to get ready and face the day, even on days when I don’t want to.
  3. Drink lots of water: When we’re feeling down or worn out it’s quite easy to reach for the fizzy drinks to try and give us that buzz, or in my case pink lemonade Lucozade. But the reality of it is our body wants H2O and the best way to give our body that is to drink as much of it as we can. Although we may be running to the toilet a little more often than usual, it is so much better for your body and of course your skin.
  4. TRY to exercise: I personally don’t have time to exercise every day due to my lifestyle but whenever I have a day off I exercise. Whether it’s dance classes, working out or running on the treadmill there’s always room for something. Sometimes I work out for half an hour and other days I will only be able to workout for 5 minutes, but that 5 minutes is more than doing nothing.
  5. Set a goal: I have a daily planner that I bought from Oh Deer over a year ago now which I use to write lists of everything I need to get done in that week or sometimes more specifically that day. It’s the perfect place for me to set out what I need to achieve in that week and how much time I have to do it. Sometimes I set mini goals for myself for the day or the week which always gives me a mini sense of achievement, even if it is something small.
  6. Have a to do list: Following on from the last one, having a to do list makes my life so much easier every single day. I can be quite a forgetful person which makes it easy for me to be late or miss out on things because I simply forgot. But having a to do list which I add to as soon as I remember something is the perfect way to stay up to date and get all of my jobs done!
  7. Learn something: Once we leave school or college we tend to shy away from learning. Personally I loved school and learning so I try to learn at least one thing every day. Whether it’s a 10 minute session on Duolingo testing my Spanish or reading the news to be more aware of our current affairs I try to brush up on at least something every day.
  8. Clean/tidy your space: Whether you work from home or your office it’s super important to have a clean and tidy space. Every night before I get into bed I try to tidy my room as best I can. Admittedly right now it’s a bit of a mess as I’m attempting to pack but regardless I’ve tidied around my overflowing suitcase. I just feel like I can’t work or concentrate if I’m staring at a huge mound of clothes on my floor, so taking that 5-10 minutes every day just helps me have a clear mind.
  9. Go Outside: It’s easy for us to spend days inside at a time without even leaving the house. Especially in the Winter months when the weather really is against us. But it’s so important to just take a little bit of time to get some fresh air and listen to the birds sing. I like to go outside and read my book in the sun, or have my window open whilst I write as it makes me feel that little bit more fresh and ready to tackle the day.
  10. Treat yourself: This one might not be what you want to hear as lets face it all of us want to save as much money as we can. But it’s so important to treat yourself and remind yourself that you’ve worked hard to be wherever you are. Being hard on yourself is never the way to have a good attitude towards life, but treating yourself for your success is.

How many of these things do you do already? I know I don’t always implement all 10 every day, but whenever I’m doing more than half I know I’m winning.

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