Ok things are getting seriously real now. 25 days? How on earth is it only 25 days until I move over 4000 miles away to my favourite place on earth.

Not a huge amount of things have happened/changed since my 50 Days Until Disney World post as I am yet to have my VISA appointment (I had to push it back in fear of my passport not arriving in time for a holiday). However, I have been extensively preparing for my VISA appointment by double checking, printing and organising all of my last minute pieces. I return from holiday the day before my appointment so I’m getting everything perfect before I go so I don’t have to worry about it whilst I’m away. I have also been watching a lot of YouTube videos to help prepare for my interview. I’ve never been to the US Embassy before, let alone to get a VISA to follow my dreams, which means the pressure is on. But, I have spoken to a few others who have already done this part of the process and their feedback is definitely making me feel relieved about the entire process as it seems a lot easier than I imagined in my head.

Considering I’m now in the final month of waiting to move I have got a lot of things I need to get organised; I have a list as long as my arm I’m attempting to complete. This includes:

  • Cancel car insurance
  • Cancel phone bill
  • Organise my leaving party for work and family
  • Buy last minute essentials
  • Pack???
  • Cancel car tax
  • Get my haircut

You think it would be an easy task tackling them all but it is so much more difficult than you’d ever realise. But, luckily I am not only a perfectionist but also an avid list-maker so crossing all of these off one by one is becoming slowly satisfying and almost exciting.

I have also started some research on Disney housing. I have never done a Disney program before so have no idea what I am going to preference. After a lot of YouTube apartment tours I think my top choice is Vista Way as that means no bunk beds. But, after speaking to a friend who has the same start date (and has done the CEP) he mentioned that Patterson is the newest and the most popular. So I really just need to sit down and weigh up all of my different options and what I want out of my apartment complex.

I can’t believe it’s only 25 days until I move to Walt Disney World to follow a dream I’ve had for a long time. It’s very surreal the closer it gets but I’m just so excited to let this dream become the reality. Make sure you follow all of my social media to keep updated on my adventure in Walt Disney World.

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