I still find it absolutely bizarre that I spent a year living and working in Walt Disney World. But, the fact that I’ve now been home for nearly 3 MONTHS is the craziest thing ever.

Returning from the best year of my life really was the most difficult thing to do. Not only are you on a total comedown from your amazing adventure but you’re dying to share every. single. experience you can physically remember about your whirlwind year at any given moment. People who have done it all before try and prepare you for what it’s like to return to reality but no amount of pep-talks can make it easy to settle back in to every day life.

Since I have been back in the UK I have continued to have a whirlwind of adventures that sadly haven’t involved any magical mice or a castle, but they’ve made me proud nonetheless and have kept me VERY busy on my comedown post CRP.

  • Conquered an airport and flew home alone: Ok this one I guess doesn’t overly count as post CRP but it is something that I am proud of for achieving. I was super freaking out about travelling alone as I had a lot of luggage and at this point I was just super desperate to be back home with my family, so you could say I wasn’t at my best. But after a video chat with some friends and white chocolate M&Ms (wow I miss you) I managed to face a fear of mine and from now I have absolutely no struggles at all travelling alone.
  • Returned back to work: This was something that I was oddly worried about leading up to returning to the UK. I have worked in the same location since I was 16 (apart from my year away) and to leave and come back again is a daunting thought, but luckily everything fell straight back into place and I was learning the ropes again in no time.
  • Travelled to London and mastered the Tubes: My boyfriend lives on the outskirts of London so when I realised I had to either drive or travel by train/tube to his I was a little bit nervous as the only times I had been on the underground was with people who knew what they were doing. I was super scared as I had to travel across London and change stations with a suitcase alone. But, I absolutely nailed it first time and have done it loads of times since without any mistakes (yet).
  • Been to the theatre (a lot): It’s no secret that I am a huge lover of Musical Theatre and since I have been in London a lot more frequently I have had some amazing opportunities to see some fantastic shows. These include: Waitress, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Hamilton, Book of Mormon and Matilda. All of them were absolutely out of this world.
  • Turned 21: I spent my year in America re-living my underage life as I moved out to the states when I was only 19 so it was great to finally feel of age (again) back in my own country (where I was already legal 3 years ago).
  • Bought a new car: It’s been my dream to own a MINI for as long as I can remember so towards the end of my program I began sending money home to save for a new car. When I returned home I was able to treat myself to my very own MINI as an early birthday present! It still feels like a dream every time I drive my car.
  • Booked a trip to Disneyland Paris: It’s been almost 4 years since I last visited my home park and I am obviously missing the Disney magic more than I can put into words so I’m super excited to be back on Disney soil. Saying that, if you guys have any tips/favourite things to do please let me know!
  • Went to my very first Baseball game: I know what you’re all thinking, this is a pretty mediocre achievement but my boyfriends favourite sport is baseball so it was a really big deal for him and myself to be able to attend a game together! Although I still don’t quite understand the rules…
  • Childhood flashback at Legoland: Daniel lives really close to Legoland and I kept begging him to take me as I used to love going when I was a kid, it ended up being a really fun day and it took away some Disney blues. The vlog for the day is here.
  • The Pigs: As part of my birthday celebration me and Daniel decided to stay at The Pigs in a spa suite for the night and it was one of the best decisions ever. If you want a luxurious pampered evening away, The Pigs is definitely the place!
  • Drove to London (Bracknell): I’ve been dying to drive to Daniels for a long time and I did so this weekend! It was a long drive and I still feel tired but I’m so glad that I finally had the courage to do it.
  • Got a promotion at work: This last one has been in the pipework for an extremely long time and it’s something I’m so excited I can finally share with everyone. My job is my passion and to be able to progress further into the company whilst also pursue dreams is such an honour and I only hope it’s just the beginning.

Although I am sad to be away from the magic of Walt Disney World it’s important to remind ourselves we can find magic every day, sometimes we just don’t always realise it’s right in front of us.



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