It only feels like yesterday I wrote my 3 Months Later blog post talking about life since returning to the UK from my Disney CRP. A lot had happened in those 3 months. I’d travelled to London a lot, seen some shows, even got a long sought after promotion at work. But the last 3 months have been super steady as they formed into what’s considered my ‘normal life’.

It’s pretty much the Christmas season now and I’ve been spending the last month or so playing Christmas songs and watching as many Christmas movies as socially acceptable. This has also meant that work has been pretty crazy meaning any time I would have used on blogging/filming videos I have consequently been at work. I thoroughly enjoy my job so it’s not the end of the world, but I however am disappointed I couldn’t give you guys more content. So, hopefully in 2020 (woah how crazy does 2020 sound?) I can have more spare time to commit to my YouTube channel and social media in general.

Lots of Disney things have (not) surprisingly happened since I’ve been home. I have been super jealous of everyone in the US who already have Disney+ (have totally booked March 31st off work already just FYI) and cannot WAIT for it to launch here in the UK. I went back to Disneyland Paris for the first time in years for the Halloween season and had the most magical time! Lastly, I have been listening to Frozen 2 on religious repeat ever since I saw it last week. It is a beautiful masterpiece and everything about it is absolutely perfect. Queen Elsa has always been a special character to me and one of my favourites so it was amazing to see her back on the big screen with an amazing new look. I currently don’t have any Disney trips planned, but hopefully there will be some on the horizon soon.

I have had a few wobble moments where I’ve really missed my program and wanted nothing more to wake up and know I’m going to serve in the Rose and Crown. But I’ve also spent time telling myself how lucky I am to have even had the experience. That truly is the worst thing about having something special. You have to let it go and find a new dream. It was an amazing time of my life, but it’s time that chapter closes and I accept it’s time to start something new (or wait until it’s time for me to do it again).

Although I don’t currently have as much free time as I’d like, going forward I know I want to use any spare time to do useful things and to feel as happy and free as I did on my program. I have lots of plans for 2020 and am so excited to share positivity through my creative outlets going forward.