I’ve been to France a total of four times now and not once had I ventured outside of the comfort zone of Disneyland Paris. This month we recently went on a 5 day adventure to Disneyland Paris via the Eurostar and I made sure we planned for a whole day in the beautiful city of love.

Because I had never been to Paris before I really wanted to make sure I saw as much of the city as possible. I spent hours scrolling online to find all of the best spots and playing on google maps to see what was closest to what etc so I thought I would share with you all what I found.

The first thing to consider is where you’re travelling from. We were travelling directly from Disneyland Paris so I researched online how easy the train is from DLP to Paris. You have to get the RER A train and ride 16 stops all the way to ‘Charles de Gaulle Etoile’. This station is closest to the Arc de Triumph and worked best for us, but obviously you can research online where you want to go to first. The train cost us roughly 30 euros return for the two of us and was really comfortable, easy to use and efficient. The journey took around an hour so when you’re leaving make sure you’re accounting for enough travel time.

We picked this station on purpose because (according to Google Maps) it was only a 9 minute walk from the Arc de Triumph but when we walked out of the station we realised it was literally right there. We took our pictures whilst trying not to get run over (the roundabout that it’s centred on really is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen and made our way down 75th Avenue where there is a huge array of shops. We weren’t really there for shopping but I wanted to visit Sephora (missing my American life) where I bought lots of Sephora own brand face masks. We also visited the Disney Store as it’s a tradition to visit one wherever I am (even if we were having a break from Disneyland Paris).

Our next stop was the Louvre pyramid but we walked through the Tuileries Garden which reminded me of Central Park in New York with the combination of the swinging green trees and the towering architecture in the background. The Tuileries Garden is a great place if you need to chill for a little bit or even just eat a snack.

The Notre Dame is roughly a 25 minute walk from the Louvre, we decided not to visit it after the tragic fire and said we will definitely return to see it next time. From the Louvre the Eiffel Tower is about an hour walk or you can attempt to use transportation. We decided against the underground as not only do we not read French but also it was nice to walk and take in all of the sights. I highly recommend walking instead of the transport if you’re only there for one day because you get to see so much more.

On our way to the Eiffel Tower we stopped off for a toilet break in a Starbucks where I had a hot chocolate and CHEESECAKE? IN A STARBUCKS? I know crazy. We also grabbed some Laurent B macarons which we then ate on the train home and in bed that night (they were absolutely delicious).

When we reached the Eiffel Tower we of course did the tourist thing of taking our pictures but were heckled by a lot of random people for money and signatures. So I definitely recommend ignoring as many of them as you can to avoid it escalating into something serious/dangerous. We had planned to go up the Eiffel Tower but not only was the queue massive it really was a misty day so I don’t think we would have actually seen that much; I recommend booking it in advance if you desperately want to go up it.

After that we decided to head on back. I was ill for our entire trip so I was feeling a little worse for wear out in the cold so it was the best thing to do. If we had more than one day I would have definitely wanted to visit things such as the Sacre Couer, Montemarte and the Moulin Rouge.

I vlogged our whole time in Disneyland Paris so make sure you go and check that out over on my YouTube channel! I also wrote a blog post about tips for first-timers at Disneyland Paris which hopefully you will find as helpful as all of the over blogs I read.

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