Obviously, I am a remarkably huge Disney fan, and Musicals are essentially in my blood, so when I discovered the new tour of Mary Poppins was coming to my local Theatre, I almost wet myself with excitement.

Not only this, but considering I have watched and loved Zizi Strallen in many New Adventures productions before, I was extremely excited when I soon realised she would be starring as the magical nanny herself. She of course, followed through on the nanny we love and adore so much, delivering the well-known songs with such practically perfect notes. I do love New Adventures productions, so it was lovely to see Matthew Bourne‘s eclectic choreography evident, especially in songs such as ‘Step in Time’, the singing was sublime and the tap-dancing an utter treat.

The set itself immensely blew me away, being only on the second row I was extremely lucky to see every piece of the set and facial expressions. The set replicated a tremendous dolls house that opened up to reveal parts of the Banks family home, it moved around the stage effectively on trains. The set itself added to the magic of the show that was needed, including Mary sliding up the banister, removing items from her bag that quite obviously didn’t fit, Burt walking and tap-dancing on the ceiling and lastly when Mary flew over the audience.

The Sherman Brothers music is a very important part of the production, recognising almost every song from the well-loved childhood film I practically burst into tears through every number, even starting to sob at the overture! I absolutely adored some of the twists on the songs, especially ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, the sign language blew me away and it was overall very heart-warming to see the production made accessible to anyone.

The costumes were eccentric and bright beyond belief, but also blending into the time period colour scheme, the contrast was enjoyable but believable. The merchandise was almost out of this world, I managed to get my hands on a Mary umbrella and I have essentially been waiting for it to rain ever since.

This production has been one of the best shows I have seen for some time, especially away from the West End, its one of those shows that no matter what age you are, you will love it. If I ever get the opportunity to see this show again, I will be first in line at the box office.


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