I can’t believe that Autumn is nearly coming to a close as it only seems like yesterday I was writing my Summer favourites and gloating about how excited I was for Autumn. Although Autumn was a very busy month for me I still managed to enjoy more than enough things to get me through the season, so without further ado here is my Autumn favourites.

The Bachelor: I am an absolute trash TV junkie and have wanted spare time to watch a  new TV series for a while now. After scrolling the web and taking advice from friends I realised some easy watching TV trash is exactly what I needed and that’s how I found and fell in love with The Bachelor.

Halloween: Of course my Autumn favourites wouldn’t be complete without my favourite festivity of the year…Halloween! Although it passed so quickly I still had the most amazing time decorating, dressing up and being a scare actor.

Star Wars x Just Hype Collection: I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work the Star Wars x Just Hype Collection launch party and had to attempt to keep my cool about how awesome the new collection was. I like Hype stuff regardless so the fact that they released a Star Wars collection made me extremely happy. The collection itself has a vintage style to it which is the perfect way to remember the original trilogy.

Fur Coat: Last month I treated myself to my amazing Topshop fur coat. I was slightly on the back foot about buying it because £80 would have been the most amount of money I’ve spent on a single item of clothing but I’ve already got my wear out of it and can’t believe I even considered not buying it.

Flossing: A weird one but a completely true one. I was recently introduced to flossing and I feel like its changed my life for good.


Vans Old Skool Sneaker: I am a huge fan of black and white canvas shoes but recently my Old Skool Vans have been my ‘go-to’ shoes and I love them. Admittedly they’re not the comfiest pair of shoes I own…but at least they look cute right?

@aclaireytale Vlogs: There’s nothing I love more than vlogs and Disney so to be able to watch a Brit share her Disney adventure with us on the screen is absolutely amazing.

London: In the past month I’ve been to London a couple of times and fallen in love with the city all over again. There’s just something about the beautiful architecture and business that makes me want to run away to the big city.

Porgs: I’m pretty sure I mentioned porgs in my last favourites but my love for them still has not disappeared. To be honest, it’s only grown more since we’ve had more trailers released.

Festive Hot Chocolates: I know it’s not technically the festive season yet but as soon as the Christmas hot chocolates are out I just have to try them and my goodness they do not disappoint this year. Get yourself to Costa right now to try the fudge hot chocolate – it is immense!
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