Some of my favourite LUSH products tend to always be limited edition Christmas releases that I can only get that time of the year. Following my adoration with the Christmas bombs, I decided it’s time to experiment with the Halloween bombs (my preferred season).

 ellie-skull-halloween LORD OF MISRULE  ellie-skull-halloween

Overall I prefer bath bombs compared to bubble bars just because I always feel they’re more exciting, whereas the bars smell amazing and are a lot more value for money. Essentially, I was very excited to try out this bomb because it smelt amazing!

The bomb itself is bright green so I expected my bath water to quickly turn a murky lime concoction – but, LUSH surprised me as I discovered a pink ball inside of the large one causing the bomb to race around my bath. The small ball inside created a jet stream of pink that developed into a deep wine colour mixing into the green like ying yang – I felt like I was sitting in a  witch’s cauldron! The smell was utterly wonderful but I couldn’t work out exactly what it was? Maybe that’s the Halloween factor? Or perhaps, the hidden popping candy was…any bath bomb with popping candy is spookily perfect.

 ellie-skull-halloween BOO  ellie-skull-halloween

This one I was super excited to try out because not only have I never used a bath melt before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a LUSH product that looks so utterly adorable. Little Boo’s scent wasn’t overly strong but sweet enough and as soon as I popped him into my water he sadly, didn’t wow me in the slightest. Like I mentioned earlier, I enjoy a lot of jazzy elements in my choice of bombs so sadly Boo wasn’t really for me. He took a while to melt down into the water and he left my bath water looking pretty much translucent apart from a few white bubbles. He may be cute, but I was slightly disappointed by the lack of excitement, but maybe Boo is more you?

ellie-skull-halloween AUTUMN LEAF  ellie-skull-halloween

This one isn’t exactly ‘Halloween’ themed but it was part of the collection and after I’d seen videos of it online, I knew I had to try it out. It’s a wonderful size which is good for it’s price; as soon as I popped it into my tub it began to circle in a 360 spurting around an army of colours forming a circular rainbow in my bath. I loved this one so much – from the colours, to the autumnal scent and the after orange colour it left me and my bath feeling relaxed and ready for bed.

ellie-skull-halloween GOTH FAIRY  ellie-skull-halloween

I had never tried a shimmer bar before so I was extremely excited to give this one a go, especially because of how adorably cute he looks. After a shower I rubbed him on my arms and was surprised at how wonderfully glittery my skin had become! Warning: definitely do not use this if you’re not prepared to look like a disco ball for the remainder of the day. Personally, I love glitter so this was no problem to me; also, it smelt amazing, rather like the ‘Space Girl’ bath bomb. I would recommend this one to anyone and I am extremely sad the little goth fairy will be flying away forever after this wonderful season.


ellie-skull-halloween MONSTERS BALL  ellie-skull-halloween

I think this bomb might possibly be one of my favourites from the entire collection, not only is the design amazingly ‘Halloween-ey’, but its also so cute because its pink! As soon as I popped him in my bath the smell that exited him was just amazing – for a while I couldn’t work out what the scent reminded me of but I think it was the Christmas exclusive Golden Parcel (which also happens to be one of my favourites). When he fizzed open he swam quickly around my bath with a bright blue jet stream engine that soon mixed with the pink to create a wonderful purple colour. I would definitely buy this one again and totally wish it was a regular not just a Halloween bomb.

ellie-skull-halloween SPARKLY PUMPKIN  ellie-skull-halloween

Due to the popularity of the pumpkin spice latte I figured this one would have had some sort of pumpkin scent – sadly I can’t even describe how this one smelt (but maybe that’s just my Autumn cold kicking in). However, it was super glittery (attacking my bath and my body) and I couldn’t believe how vivid the colour was on the inside! Although I wouldn’t buy this one again, I am looking forward to using it again in my bath (purely for the glitter); I love how much use you get out of bars compared to the bombs.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my LUSH bath bomb reviews; I shall link the LUSH page of products here. Let me know in the comments which LUSH bath bomb is your favourite! I shall link yesterday’s ‘Blogaween’ post here. I cannot believe ‘Blogaween’ has come to an end, I’ve enjoyed it so much and subsequently cannot wait for Christmas now; I hope you enjoyed reading my ‘Blogaween’ posts as much as I did writing them! See you soon Blogaween-er’s!

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