Halloween is always something I’ve taken pretty seriously, from decorating to riding around on my broomstick – I’ve always been a lover of the season. Not only do I love this time of year, but I also adore choosing, assembling and wearing costumes. Normally at Halloween I opt for a slightly scary costume; last year I went as Maleficent and the year before Jack Skellington, with one recurring theme in mind: Disney.

This year, I chucked ideas around for a long time, I considered Morticia Addams but felt this was too obvious, Rey but I’d already done it before and finally I settled on something that wasn’t too scary, or expensive…BOO! No sadly not a ghost, Boo from ‘Monsters Inc’. I always adored the movie and Boo is always a character I’ve wanted to create a costume for for a long time now, so excited is an understatement.

ellie-skull-halloween T-SHIRT ellie-skull-halloween

After realising it’s in fact the wrong time of year to buy a bright pink oversized t-shirt I finally found the perfect t-shirt dress style in H&M. I wish I would have realised who I wanted to go as sooner as I would have ordered it online considerably cheaper, but for only £6.99, the right size and good quality I couldn’t possibly go wrong. I shall link the t-shirt here.

ellie-skull-halloween LEGGINGS ellie-skull-halloween

Now, I knew no matter what season I was going to struggle to find purple leggings and once again I wish I would have ordered them online in advance. After failing in places such as Primark I ventured into Sports Direct (a store I can say I rarely make an acquaintance with) and to my delight found some leggings in the perfect shade for only £4! But (here’s the catch) they were from the kids section in age 13, however they do fit perfectly (even if they are age 13). For £4 I was extremely pleased because lets be honest, when will I ever wear purple leggings again? (Coming from a woman that lives in black and grey). 

ellie-skull-halloween ACCESSORIES ellie-skull-halloween

I felt that before I could even begin to search for the other pieces for my costume, the most vital part was Boo’s hair accessories. I was hoping I would perhaps randomly find an old pair of my hair bobbles from when I was little as I used to own some very similar to the ones Boo sports. To my dismay, mine were nowhere to be found and I started the hunt for what is apparently called ‘disco ball’ hair bobbles. I struggled on the internet, I couldn’t see them on Claire’s Accessories‘ website so took the toll and begun the journey of visiting every children’s department in Norwich. Of course, I found them in the final place I looked…Claire’s Accessories – proof you can never trust online shops’ websites. They had a huge selection and were exactly what I needed so I was very pleased; for only £5 I was relieved to own them to be able to complete my costume.

My other accessory of course had to be none other than James P Sullivan – or more commonly known as Sulley! Luckily I own the perfect huggable sized Sulley plush so I didn’t have to venture into the Disney Store to purchase him. Sulley wasn’t a necessity to my costume, but I was slightly concerned people wouldn’t actually know who I was…Sulley completely rounded the costume up. I shall link the Disney Store Sulley plush here.

If my Boo costume didn’t inspire you for your costume, why not have a read of my ‘How to…’ Rapunzel costume, I’ll link it here. Who are you going as this Halloween? Let me know in the comments below, I always need ideas for next year! I’ll link yesterday’s ‘Blogaween’ here.

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