Over the years going to a local farm shop and traipsing into a muddy field to pick the perfect pumpkin friend has always been a wondrous pleasure of mine. I adored getting to pick one of my own and then carving him to look exactly how I wanted him to look.

The last couple of years I’ve taken my carving a bit more seriously what with ‘adulting’ I knew I had to up my game from the ordinary triangular eyes and jagged mouth. The last pumpkin I did was Jack Skellington (if you didn’t know by now I adore him this time of year) and everybody thought he was amazing. So this year, I knew I had to also stick to the Disney theme. After a lot of thinking I decided to attempt BB-8; a challenge thats to say the least. But, what a better day to be spending my time with pumpkins other than national pumpkin day?

I went to my childhood farm shop to pick the perfect pumpkins for my tiny droid friend. After trekking through a lot of mud and prodding a lot of pumpkins I finally found the match,paid for them and quickly stowed them away in the boot of my car. Driving home I could hear them rattling about in the back as I went round corners whilst also feeling my ideas rattling around my mind on how I was going to tackle this monster project.

ellie-skull-halloween BB-8 PUMPKIN ellie-skull-halloween

I started my pumpkin-droid process by first drawing BB-8 on a piece of paper and highlighted what bits I knew I needed to cut out/skin. I next drew a line on pumpkin number 2 (the head) where I wanted his head to end and then cut the bottom half off leaving the inside to act as his ‘neck’.

Next, I drew on all of his little latches and labelled which ones would be ‘skinned’. I then began the process of actually cutting him (ah!!) First, I got the ‘head’ and placed it on top of the ‘body’ and then drew the outline of it on the ‘body’ (just so he would slide in nicely and stay put). I then cut all of the outlines of the details and gradually removed the skin -but without cutting all the way through.

I then continued to do this until every piece of detail no longer had skin on it; I did all of the fiddly bits like his eye and ‘face’ details last. I also had to cut a hole out of his butt just to pop candles in, but after experimenting with a few different types of candles anyway, they quickly burnt out/wouldn’t show.

The one thing I did struggle to include was his antenna – which is a shame because I think its a huge part of him. Overall, he was surprisingly easier to carve than I thought, although it did take me a few hours and my hand was ridiculously numb and wrinkly after – but it was so worth it. What did you make your pumpkin into this halloween? Share in the comments below and make sure you enjoy the rest of national pumpkin day! I’ll link yesterday’s ‘Blogaween’ post here.

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