Every year I try to echo my love of Halloween through not only screaming it in quite possibly every person i meets face, but also by sporting a range of Halloween themed outfits. Not crazy and extravagant, but subtle and scary enough to feel like I’m embracing my love and favourite season.

One of my favourite outfits that I sported last Halloween day-time, was my ‘Jack Skellington’ inspired outfit. The top, is a stripy t-shirt that reminds me of his jacket so much, and skeleton leggings that compliment the t-shirt perfectly. I think the leggings are slightly out there (even for me), but allow me to get my love for Halloween (and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’) across. The t-shirt is from Primark and the leggings are from Misguided. To match the outfit wonderfully, I teamed my leggings and t-shirt with my black and white old-school style vans, they match the black and white outfit perfectly.



Another subtle outfit that I have adored sporting this year is my pink cartoon bat jumper. I saw it in H&M and just knew I had to add it to my collection of Halloween tops – plus, I think this one you can sport all year round, not just at Halloween! For only £5.99, it was a steal! I team my jumper with my black jeans or even leggings if I’m just lazing about. I love to accessorise this outfit with my awesome velvet cat hat (basically any excuse to wear it) – I just think its so cute but also a bit ‘spooky’ this time of year. My jeans are also from H&M and my hat is from River Island.

I am also a sucker for themed pjs, so of course I had to include my amazing Nightmare Before Christmas pyjamas! For a long time I wanted pj bottoms with Jack’s face on and I was so lucky to discover these whilst in Disneyland Paris last christmas – so I of course, had to buy them. The t-shirt was sold separately but is just as amazing – so amazing sometimes I consider not even wearing it as a pj top. Finally, what pj set is complete without socks? These are from Century 21 in New York and put it this way…were an accident, but I think they’re just so cute.

Adding to all of these looks (apart from maybe my pj set), is of course accessories – and in this case…bags. This year I got my hands on an amazing cartoon tote bag from Primark for just £1!! I know Primark is cheap but this one blew me away. As soon as it hit October I started to get the most out of this tote bag sporting it nearly everyday, it’s subtle enough to be able to match any outfit. I got so many compliments on this bag – nobody would believe me when I told them it was from Primark!

Something else in my life I adore is Disney reusable bags (sad I know) but I must have about 20 of them – its almost like a little collection now. I knew I just had to have a Halloween themed one and I was ever so lucky that a friend of mine was going to Walt Disney World earlier this month and was able to pick one of these up for me after I saw it on the internet. It’s so much bigger than it looks and my favourite bit is the design down the sides (which carries on to the bottom ah!), I will be sad when I cannot use this bag.

Let me know in the comments below what items of clothing you love wearing this time of year! I’ll link yesterdays Blogaween post here, have a spooky weekend!

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