As soon as I saw this novel challenging a twist on Aladdin, I just had to get my hands on it. Being a huge Disney and in general, a book lover, I was excited to devour this new novel; although Aladdin isn’t one of my favourite Disney movies, its definitely up there with one of the most adventurous, with of course…beautiful songs.

It wasn’t long before this book took the well-loved story of magic carpets and genies for a quick turn. Liz Braswell’s writing definitely attained the Agrabah feel for the Disney movie sticking to Aladdin’s rebellious street-rat ways, and the royal Princess Jasmine’s beautiful dark hair, and loving nature.

On the other hand, a character that was perceived in a slightly different manner was the well-loved: Genie. In the original movie he grants wishes, makes us laugh and is overall the class clown of the story; in Braswell’s version we discover a different side to him and more importantly his past. My heart yearned for one of everyones favourite childhood characters and I wanted nothing than the Genie to be free; knowing the comfort of the movie we’ve all seen so many times, I was unsure whether the raw book would adhere to the film.

Overall, the book wasn’t jaw-dropping amazing, but I did enjoy the twist on the story, it was lovely to see everything from a different point of view and watch the street-rats come together in an attempt to bring down the hated villain: Jafar. Although I was interested in reading on and discovering whether the street-rats would steal victory, I knew that being a Disney book, the ending is nearly always a happy one, so I had very little doubts.

I am excited to read more of Braswell’s tales, but won’t be rushing to grab another in a hurry; the book was easy reading which can be nice, but sometimes I need characters and stories to hold me down and get attached to. Not only this, but I also can’t wait to go and see Aladdin on Broadway, pure brilliance and magic is ahead.

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