Being an adoring Potter fan I, of course, was counting down the days until J.K Rowling would release another book; I am also a huge Theatre fan, so discovering that this was going to be a script was an absolute delight for me.

From the get-go as a child I fell in love with reading, especially thanks to Belle (Beauty and the Beast), but also Hermione Granger. Ever since, I have never looked back and have always adored these magical novels. I instantly devoured into my copy as soon as I got home and could barely put it down (which isn’t a first with me and Potter novels), I fell in love with the old characters again, seeing them grow was delightful, but to see them grown was even better. Not only this, but I also fell in love with new characters, one particular character that warmed my heart was Scorpius Malfoy, of course reading any Potter book you instantly take shelter from any Malfoy (given their dark magic background), but Scorpius was definitely different to his father, and more importantly his grandfather. His and Albus’s friendship blossomed beautifully just as Harry, Ron’s and Hermione’s once did at Hogwarts.

I constantly turned the page praying it would continue to be amazing; there was even moments when I was staring at the page with my mouth open like a cod-fish…the shock was just too much!

However, since binge reading my copy the first couple of days it was released (I tried to savour it, and it only lasted for one extra day), I’ve thought about the story more and tried to digest what actually happened. I soon realised parts of the story were slightly flawed, not the actual writing, because having read the series more than twice, I believe the actual writing enraptured the essence of J.K’s original novels. Parts of the book, had slightly far-fetched aspects and for a huge Potter fan, I couldn’t quite grasp why the use of the time-turner had to be brought back and re-used, when I feel its already been an adventure in the Prisoner of Azkaban. Not only this, but I thought the whole daughter of Voldemort part was slightly out of range, and not typically something ‘Harry Potter-esque’.

Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and definitely hope to make my way down to London to attempt to get tickets to see this brought to life on the stage. I would recommend this to any Harry Potter, book or Theatre fan.

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