Throughout my life I have always enjoyed not following the trends and having my own personality, especially when it comes to books, so you could say I was slightly late to the bandwagon with this book. I saw the trailers and my heart yearned, but I was trying so hard not to conform to every other person reading the same novel. But I was waiting in the airport and wasn’t overly excited for the book I did have in my bag for the flight and trip, so made a quick trip to WHSmiths where this little beauty popped out at me.

Admittedly I read this novel extremely quickly and did struggle to put it down, but I like to think that when you’re on holiday that’s how you are with any book. Although I was holidaying Florida, we spent a few days at Daytona Beach where I was really able to dig into this book.

The character of Lou really stood out for me, she may be an omniscient narrator, so of course she’s going to be illuminated throughout the book, but her troubles with life and heartbreak of choosing between boyfriend Patrick and Will really made me emphasise with her character. Not only did she have emotional depth, but she was real, everything about her was remarkably realistic, and that made me feel for her even more so.

The overall writing style by Jojo Moyes was extremely enjoyable, I do hope to read ‘After You’ and perhaps more of Moyes’ novels as as an author her style encouraged me to read on. Sometimes, I enjoy a book that’s as I call ‘easy reading’, sometimes I enjoy hardcore novels where I feel I have to concentrate, this was relatively easy reading but also made my heart beat as I turned the page; a mix like that is awfully hard to find.

Sadly, the ending of the book wasn’t what I expected, I won’t say anything more as I don’t want to create spoilers, but I didn’t expect it to just end there, hence why I’m intrigued to get my hands on ‘After You’. Being a total book junkie I of course had to read the book before seeing the film, and now I’ve finished the book, I am excited to see the film. I would definitely encourage anyone to read this book, but it is quite long, however saying that, because it is such easy reading, you can easily pick it up and put it down whenever you feel like reading…major positive.

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