Considering I am an avid History enthusiast and enjoyed learning about Nazi Germany during my History GCSE, I picked up this novel with high expectations. Although it took me a substantial amount of time to read, I personally put it down to being an extremely intense novel and when you’re busy doing your A-Levels and working, the last thing you want is to settle in bed and have an intense reading session about death etc.

Despite taking so long to read it, once I got into it I started to really enjoy the ups and downs of the Book Thief: Liesel. Not only this, but back when I first started the novel I took inspiration from it for my A2 English Language coursework taking the influence of incorporating German swear words into the English language book.

The story itself was heart-breaking and beautiful all at once, pushing me to read on praying that Liesel would be reunited with Max once again. Not only was the story heartbreakingly perfect, but the incorporated true events and realism into the insights of Nazi Germany in the 1940s, transformed the novel into a educational and informative story too. Zusak has done some obvious research and it shows, without this the novel would almost disintegrate through lack of realism; the characters were emotionally heavy and inspired me to not only be myself, but stand for my kind.

This genre of book wasn’t my ‘go-to’ type of book I’d usually read, normally I’d stick to a love story or a feel good novel, but this opened my eyes to different areas of books and I’m excited to read others such as “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. Not only this, but I am excited to devour the movie, considering that’s what attracted me to the book in the first place. It was really lovely to read a novel and not relate to any of the characters at all due to their context, but to merely emphasise with them instead.

Although I enjoyed this different style of genre, I won’t be rushing to something similar anytime soon mainly due to how intense the novel was, I will definitely be returning to a cringe-worthy love novel imminently.

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