As soon as I saw the trailer for the new movie ‘The Circle’ starring Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and John Boyega I was desperate to find out more. Instantly, I began my rabid google search and of course my book loving nature was absolutely delighted when I realised it was originally a novel! I managed to pick up a copy from Tesco on the 2 for £7 offer so it was a complete bargain; I absolutely adore the bright orange/red cover, I love how simple yet intriguing it is.

Initially, when I started to indulge in the novel I wasn’t wowed; I got roughly 100 pages deep and was quite frankly becoming bored. But, a friend soon urged me on and I gradually fell head first into Mae’s unconventional life at The Circle.

The novel itself revolves around Mae getting her dream job working for the well known cooperation: The Circle. Over time it overtakes her life and not only tests her as a person but forces her to become someone she isn’t. Alongside of this we see her disagree with her friends and family yet also fall for mystery man Kalden who disappears as quickly as he arrives.

Eggers’ technique of pushing us to read on by giving us just enough information keeps it interesting. The entire time I was reading I couldn’t wait to reach the end because I was so desperate to know the outcome and Mae’s final decision. Although I was slightly shocked by the ending, I did enjoy the twist that perfectly rounded up the mediocre rollercoaster.

The ultimate message of this novel essentially was a wake-up call for me for how much social media surrounds my life. I began to question whether social media really is a completely different, non-existent world. I know now, time is precious and I hope to not waste as much time scrolling through Instagram as I do; hopefully I can muster the energy to do something a bit more productive.

I definitely shocked myself with how much I actually enjoyed this novel – I managed to plough through it so quickly I almost wish I wouldn’t have read it so quick. Without the added romance with Kalden I think I would have found it slightly difficult to read, but mainly because I am a secret romantic book lover at heart. I think that if you enjoyed books like ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘Uglies’ then you will enjoy this novel about the almost dstyopian/future world working at The Circle.