As I have mentioned previously in other posts, my favourite book of all time is ‘One Day’, so when I was given this book as a gift I knew it was going to be a wonderful story from start to finish.

Luckily, I think its very different to ‘One Day’ (no matter how much I love it, to tell the exact story with different characters would be bizarre and quite frankly boring) but Nicholls still managed to capture the beauty yet troubles of a long-term relationship through Douglas and Connie. Thrown into the story was Albhie, who managed to bring a purpose to Douglas’ trip across Europe.

In an instant I was drawn in and couldn’t wait to hear more about how Connie and Douglas fell in love, when they got married – everything. I felt like a giddy Aunt that they only see at Christmas that needed an entire update of their lives.

I cried, I laughed, I felt extremely upset but even happy at times. I have merely come to the conclusion that David Nicholls is one of my favourite authors of all time for portraying the (not so) perfect love story. Every story he tells is balanced and overall real – and thats whats important to books becoming popular.

However, to begin with I did it find it extremely difficult to keep up with all the jumping backwards and forwards, I was quite confused admittedly, but soon got the hang of it. I will blame this on me deciding to read whilst I’m half asleep usually before bed time.

If you adored ‘One Day’ like me make sure you read this book, of course nothing will ever be as good as ‘One Day’ but this comes a close third (‘The Time Travellers Wife’ being second). What book are you loving at the minute? Pop it in the comments below!

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