Throughout my life I have always been a tremendous lover of reading; for eternity I’ve enjoyed opening a novel and escaping to a far off world that doesn’t have the troubles of my own. When I was younger I enjoyed fiction, but as I’ve grown older (and need a slight bit of help with adulting) I’ve become more involved with non-fiction books. I thought I would share a few with you that I’ve read in the last couple of years that have incidentally, changed my life.

Ellie heart ONE DAY  Ellie heart


When the movie trailers were released for ‘One Day’ I just knew it was a novel I had to devour; although I won’t ever openly admit it, my guilty pleasure whilst growing up was to read all of my mum’s Sophie Kinsella books, worst of all I actually enjoyed them. So I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for a romance; this book was just the first that really let me embrace it. I actually bought the book for my mum and sadly she neglected it, I was soon hunting for something to read and this ever so nicely fell directly into my lap. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The story was raw, sad and uplifting; my life changed because I allowed myself to not be afraid to read different genres of books – it’s okay to enjoy all of them.

Ellie heart THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES Ellie heart


This one, admittedly is a strange one. Whilst writing my A-Level English coursework, I sought for an empowering book about women that also acted as a slight diary. I did some research and like an epiphany screamed “THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES” in the middle of my English class; luckily, my teacher agreed without thinking I was too crazy. The deadline was cutting fine as I had other projects nearing so I had no choice but to read it in less than 2 days; it wasn’t hard in the slightest. The book was empowering, heart-breaking but most importantly different. If you are a feminist, or wanting to be a feminist please, I urge you to read this book, please don’t be put off by the title, people will stop staring at you on the bus after a little while.

Ellie heart ALL I KNOW NOW Ellie heart


I’ve always been a fan of Carrie so for a long period of time I was waiting to finally read her first book which essentially, is about growing up. It’s a book I wish I would have had when I was younger to help with the transition from child to teenager to adult. But saying this, I also strongly benefitted from it now as Carrie shared her dreams and how not giving up is essential. If you are a dreamer like me, this book is a necessity to your collection because I felt more inspired than ever after devouring it.

Ellie heart THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE Ellie heart


After suggesting my beloved ‘One Day’ to a close friend, they in turn suggested me to read ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’; at the time, I was studying my A-Levels so didn’t have a huge amount of time to dedicate to reading that didn’t benefit my course and this book was rather hefty. I still decided to set aside some time to conquer this book; even if it did take me 6 months (it seemed to fall right over exam period – I promise I’m not a slow/slack reader). The undying love reminded me of ‘One Day’, but in a completely different style; their love was unconditional despite age, distance and time. If you (like me), adore a love story, this is more than definitely the story for you.

Ellie heartNOT THAT KIND OF GIRL Ellie heart


Roughly around the time I read ‘The Vagina Monologues’ I also stumbled across ‘Not that Kind of Girl’ by Lena Dunham. I’d never seen Girls or heard anything about it before so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but it literally changed my life for the good. I laughed, I cried, I rejoiced to be a woman once again! Like ‘The Vagina Monologues’ if you’re looking for a way to be empowered as a female, but perhaps don’t want the heartbreaking stories and risky cover, then this is the book you need.

Ellie heart BIG MAGIC Ellie heart


If, like me, you are a struggling to stay true to your creative soul..this book needs to be added to your collection this exact second. Admittedly, I haven’t even finished this book yet, but from the first few chapters – pages even – I knew this book was going to change my life forever by being weened into the creative life. I’ve always been a dreamer and overall a creative person and sadly this isn’t always accepted in the common world of today as it’s portrayed as perhaps unstable. Gilbert reaffirms why being creative is important – thank you, this is exactly what I needed to be pushed to follow my dreams.

I shall link all of the books below so if you want to grab a copy it’s a lot easier for you; please do let me know in the comments below what books changed your life, I’m always looking for new inspiring reading material.

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