First of all I’d like to wish you all a happy new year! I can’t believe 2018 is already upon us – I hope you all have a prosperous and happy 2018. This time last year I wrote a very similar post all about the books I read in 2016 and it was a great way for me to look back and summarise some of my favourite reads for the year so I figured I’d do the same for 2017.

2017 was an extremely ambitious year for me in regards to books as I challenged myself to read 50 books. I started off extremely well and then as I got busier the book flow got slower. Regardless I want to share with you all of the wonderful books I read this year.

    1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Screenplay: Prior to this I’d recently seen the movie and had fallen in love with everything about it. I adore the original Harry Potter books and movies so knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with reading the screenplay.
    2. Damn Good Advice for People with Talent: I received this one for Christmas and its a fun little book that includes tiny pieces of advice – its a super handy book if you’re having a bad day and need a quick pick-me-up.
    3. #GIRLBOSS: Starting the year off right #GIRLBOSS was something I’d wanted to indulge in for a while but hadn’t picked it up yet. It is one of the most inspirational books for any career-driven ‘girlboss’ (or ‘boyboss’).
    4. Twisted Tales: Once Upon a Dream: I enjoy the concept of this series of books but for some reason I always struggle to read them quickly. I personally think it’s because it’s aimed at a slightly younger audience.
    5. Belle’s Library: This was the first book I read that was Beauty and the Beast themed leading up to the new film and I loved it so much. It’s full of Belle’s favourite quotes and extracts from books and it really just envelopes Belle as a character and her love for books.
    6. Everyday Sexism: Although this was quite an intense read I thoroughly enjoyed it for various reasons. It opened my eyes to many things yet made me feel extremely proud to be a woman regardless of the terror that sometimes surrounds it.
    7. The Bell Jar: I can honestly say The Bell Jar is now one of my favourite books of all time. I loved everything about it from Sylvia Plath’s writing style to the characters – go and read this book now if you haven’t already.
    8. Twisted Tales: As Old as Time: I enjoyed this Twisted Tale slightly more than the Aurora one as Beauty and the Beast is my favourite, but the writing style is still slightly young for me.
    9. The Handmaid’s Tale: I enjoyed The Handmaid’s Tale but not as much as some other classics I’ve read, I look forward to finding the time to watch the TV series.
    10. Beauty and the Beast Novelisation: Of course I adored this novel – I absolutely loved having one of my favourite movies in book form, especially after I’d seen the film and still wanted to live the magic.
    11. Everything, Everything: I devoured this book within 2 days and I have absolutely no shame. Go and read this book NOW if you haven’t already.
    12. The Circle: I fell in love with The Circle for many different reasons. The characters, the plot, the twists. But, I suggest not watching the film as it is nowhere near as good as the book and they completely change the ending which was extremely disappointing.
    13. Am I Normal Yet?: I knew as soon as I started this series I was going to adore it. I loved the characters and saw pieces of my teenage self in all of girls.
    14. Go Set a Watchman: To Kill a Mockingbird is my absolute favourite book of all time so I was super excited to finally be reading a second instalment in the story. However, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first as I personally felt not much happened.
    15. 13 Reasons Why: Of course I hopped onto the bandwagon and absolutely binge watched the series. Being the avid reader I am I had to indulge in the book which unusually I didn’t enjoy as much as the series.
    16. Holding Up the Universe: I am a complete sucker for love stories so this unconventional love story took my heart for a ride. It’s such a great read with in-depth characters that will shock you in ways you don’t expect.
    17. The Happiness Index: This one I mistook for a ‘well-being’ novel but wasn’t disappointed when I learnt it was about uncovering Juniper’s dead sisters secret lover. It was a rollercoaster of emotions which always left me with a heavy heart.
    18. The Sun is Also a Star: After reading Everything, Everything I wanted to read other novels from the same author and although I didn’t enjoy it as much as Everything, Everything it was still a great, fun and easy read.
    19. Finding Audrey: I have always been a fan of Sophie Kinsella so when she brought out a book for a younger audience I instantly knew I was going to enjoy it. It is the book I needed when I was younger to help guide me into becoming an adult more gracefully.
    20. How Hard Can Love Be?: The second in the series of “Am I Normal Yet?” and I loved it as much as the first. I can’t wait to hopefully read more of the girls’ story in 2018.
    21. Blue Plaques of Norwich: This one was for a project (applying for the CRP) where I wanted to learn as much as I could about my hometown leading up to my interview.
    22. Norwich City Guide: Same as the above.
    23. The Start of Me and You: I loved this book, once again an easy read that I was able to pick up and put down at any point and still be interested.


In 2018 my reading target is going to be 20 books. Slightly lower than last year but I have such a busy year planned (including moving to America) where I don’t think I will have a huge amount of time to read, but I will hopefully read as much as I physically can. If you’d like to see what I read in 2016 I will link it here.

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