I’m so happy that I can finally write this review. Here in the UK we’ve been long overdue the release of Pixar’s new movie: Coco. Considering the movie was first released in Mexico in October and then the US in November it’s fair to say us Brits are slightly late to the bandwagon. But in my opinion, the wait was more than certainly worth it.

As soon as the opening credits begun I felt a tingle across my skin because the ever so famous opening scene with the castle was still in tact, but the music had been adapted to create a Mexican feel. Straight away the aesthetic was set for the entire movie and we all knew straight away this wasn’t going to be a typical Disney fairytale.

I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of the overwhelming story itself. I was worried how Disney were going to make a story essentially about death work but as always they wowed us all with heartfelt and loving content that made for not a single dry eye in the house. The beautiful, vibrant colours overtook the screen and reflected how I can only imagine the streets of Mexico are on day of the dead.

Having read that Dante was based on our favourite pup Dug and being the big dog fan I am I knew I was going to love everything about this friendly creature. As soon as he stumbled on screen his cooky nature made us all fall in love. He’s extremely scrappy and scatty yet still loveable in every single way you can possibly imagine. I read that Pixar used the same animation on Hank’s octopus tentacles (Finding Dory) on Dante’s tongue. Which alone illuminates how much time and effort was put into Dante as a character and specifically his tongue (which in my opinion, defines him as a character).

As the story progressed Mama Coco and Hector’s father daughter story made my heart ache. Everything about it was so heartbreakingly sad yet also perfect. I adore the song ‘Remember Me’; it was created with the exact amount of sentiment and love that anyone that leaves a loved one behind will understand and relate to.

I just can’t emphasise enough how much I adore everything about this movie. There’s something extremely special about it that will just make you so grateful and happy for everything we have. I don’t want to go into detail and spoil the film for you, so get yourself to the cinema now and see this awesome new Pixar movie. I’ll link my Disney page here if you want to read any of my other reviews of my favourite Disney movies.