Hi everyone! Today I am sharing another instalment in my CRP series before I move to Walt Disney World in June. It’s just under 3 months until I leave so I’m starting to get super excited about all of the things I will be able to do when I start my program! I thought writing a post on my CRP bucket list would be a great way to share with you guys what I want to achieve/experience during my year living and working in Walt Disney World and also for myself to look back on what I’ve managed to do!

  1. Eat at ‘Be Our Guest’: My favourite Disney movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast and although I’ve visited Magic Kingdom many times since the Fantasyland upgrade I have never eaten at Be Our Guest! This is definitely at the top of my bucket list as I can’t wait to be able to try the grey stuff…and see if it is delicious!
  2. Photo Opportunity with Rapunzels Lantern: Rapunzel is probably up there with my top 3 Disney Princesses for many reasons. Because of this I am desperate to experience the photo opportunity near the Tangled Restrooms where photopass will take a picture of you holding one of the lanterns!
  3. Eat at as many Resorts as I can: I currently watch a lot of Walt Disney World vloggers and whenever they eat at a resort I am absolutely dying to be there too. There is so many I want to try but I think top of my list is Ohana.
  4. Buy a magic band: Again, I’ve visited Walt Disney World a lot but have never owned a magic band as I’ve never stayed in a resort. So I’m super excited to pick up my pink magic band when we check into Art of Animation before our program starts.
  5. Rose Gold (everything): It’s no secret that I’m a huge rose gold fan so when Disney started to stock rose gold merchandise I just knew I had to own it all. Of course the top of my list is the rose gold Minnie Mouse ears and the spirit jersey.
  6. Be the Rebel Spy: I absolutely love Star Tours and am desperate to ride as many of the different sequences as possible, but my main goal is to hopefully be randomly selected as the rebel spy!
  7. Instaspots: Every time I scroll down my Instagram feed there’s always at least one Disney wall photo. So, being the Instagram fanatic that I am I definitely want to take pictures in front of the purple, bubblegum and Pandora walls.
  8. Once Upon a Dream: I was very lucky to see the Happily Ever After fireworks display when I visited Florida in July last year, but we were so tired we went home straight afterwards (and got a Wendy’s). After Happily Ever After there is a short projection show on the castle called ‘Once Upon a Dream’ and its prime focus is Beauty and the Beast (my favourite) so I definitely want to try and catch that one night.
  9. Characters: I’m very lucky and get to spend a lot of time with one particular character and was once a character attendant for Mickey and Minnie so I feel like I know how to have a great time interacting with Disney characters. During my trip I want to meet as many characters as I can, especially rare ones. Top of my list right now is probably Gaston and Chewbacca. I definitely would like to attempt to meet all of the Princesses in one day!
  10. 4 Parks, 1 Day: I definitely want to take part in the 4 parks, 1 day challenge. I’ve only ever visited 2 parks in 1 day before and that was super fun to be able to hop from one park to another via boat, monorail or bus (or sometimes all 3).

What’s your favourite part of a Disney trip? Let me know in the comments! Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel (I will link it below) where I will be sharing lots of tips, tricks and experiences from my Cultural Representative Program in Walt Disney World and possibly even doing a give-away if I reach 100 subscribers…so stay tuned!

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