I am aware that this post is slightly late to the band wagon compared to everyone else’s ‘new year, new me’ posts. Sadly I’ve been ill for the entire of 2018. I worked my last waitress shift the 30th of December and pretty much crawled home I felt so overwhelmingly ill. Luckily, I had the next day off work and just stayed in bed watching YouTube videos which only resulted in me feeling worse. I didn’t go out New Year’s Eve and have pretty much not attended any of my plans since. This week I ended up having a few days off from work after going to the walk-in centre and being told I have a virus. I then realised its time to take some time off as I’m genuinely ill and not getting better any time soon without rest. But, here I am, I feel better (not 100%) and I’m finally ready to start my 2018!

This year is a slightly different year for me because I’m moving to Florida to work in Walt Disney World which has been a dream of mine for years. So my goals this year may be slightly different/I haven’t really realised I’m actually moving to America and won’t be ending my year here in the UK. But here are a few of my goals I have for 2018 (no matter where I’m living).

  • Post a blog post at least one a week: My blog is something that is a huge part of me. I enjoy writing, taking pictures and sharing with you guys so I definitely want to be able to share as much as I can.
  • Make more YouTube videos: Not necessarily something I would like to start now but when I move to the US I would love to try and document my journey and adventures by camera instead of typing!
  • Be more active on social media: My own personal goal for my social media was to achieve 1000 followers on Instagram by the end of 2018 and I did it within the first week! So thank you to everyone that follows me on social media, if you don’t already I will link my Instagram here. It’s where I post most of my adventures.
  • Move to Walt Disney World: Although this one may not be a goal as such as its inevitable I still would like to move safely, smoothly and happily. I have a lot to organise and do before I leave (my list feels never ending) so of course I want all of my decisions to be the right ones to ensure its an easy process.
  • Be happy: I’m generally not an unhappy person but being happy is something we should all aspire to feel and I hope 2018 is the year that I indulge happiness the most.
  • Take care of myself/don’t take on too many projects: It is no secret that I’m a workaholic and thoroughly enjoy what I do in every aspect. Since October my life has been a whirlwind (you can read about my crazy October here) and I’ve done nothing but challenge myself to take on more projects and keep going. But since being ill I’ve realised that its important to take care of ourselves and have a break every now and again.
  • Read as much as I can: Probably a goal I have for every year but one I honestly think I’ll struggle with this year as May onwards I will be extremely busy. Regardless I will be using my time wisely to ensure I do what I love the most: read as much as I can.
  • Discover my new dream: With my lifetime dream being just around the corner I of course am counting down the days until it begins. But sadly it will come to an end after a year and I will be returning to wonderful England and hopefully my current job. But, being the dreamer I am I will be on the search for my next new dream on my current adventure.
  • Enjoy 2018: I’ve been feeling emotional about 2018 since it started as its the year my dreams come true. I just can’t wait to enjoy my dream and the year where it all begins.

What are your goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments! I can’t wait for 2018 to begin.