Considering Hamilton was something I had waited a long time to see I was beyond excited to finally be in the room where it happens. I signed up to the emailing list nearly two years ago and booked my tickets a year and a half ago, so overall it’s been nearly TWO years in the waiting. And that doesn’t even included the years prior to that listening to the soundtrack and dreaming of getting tickets to the Broadway production. Originally our tickets were booked for one of the preview performances in November (2017) but sadly the theatres refurbishment meant that our performance and a range of others were pushed back. At the time, of course I was upset (especially as others were now seeing it before me even though they’d technically booked to go AFTER me) but since visiting the theatre I am definitely not complaining about the delay as the new decor was beautiful and so fresh. 

Before I sat down I was completely over-excited and utterly nervous to the core. When you’ve waited for something for so long you can only hope it’s as good as the soundtrack you’ve been listening to and what everybody else has been telling you. As soon as the lights went down the audience cheered as they too were feeling that same excitement I was. When that first beat of ‘Alexander Hamilton’ vibrated through me I knew I was in for a treat.

I don’t want to go into too much detail as I wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for anyone else. Even though I’d watched a million videos and listened to the soundtrack I don’t even know how many times, there was still moments where I was shocked and caught off guard. 

The set is so simplistic yet it works perfectly. The musical is set over a 30 year period and all the scene changes would be extremely difficult. But, the never-changing set (apart from pops and furniture on trains) work perfectly and make it easy for us to be transported to a different part of the world completely. The hip-hop beats make it easy for us to tap our feet along, but even easier for the lighting to be used to perfection. Cast were singled out and illuminated by a range of different lighting effects and colours and it just worked so perfectly. 

Sadly we went on a bank holiday so managed to miss the leading man Jamael Westman, but instead witness his under-study (Ash Hunter) who portrayed the helpless yet persevering nature of Alexander Hamilton to his finest. For me one of my favourites was Eliza (Rachelle Ann Go) as her vocals were absolutely outstanding. Something to note is that I enjoyed all of the ‘boys’ songs more watching them than on the soundtrack, Lafayette (Jason Pennycooke) and Hercules Mulligan (Tarinn Callender) are now definitely favourites of mine. The Schuyler Sisters undoubtedly stole the show, watching them grow into stronger women was really amazing and a great performance from all three of them. Usually I skip all of King Georges (Michael Jibson) songs as I’m not the biggest fan of him as a character, but George was absolutely hilarious. The way he consumed the character and portrayed him to the audience had me in stitches. Easily one of the best characters in the show for a comedy aspect. 

Overall I loved the show even more so watching it than just listening to the soundtrack and I honestly didn’t think that was possible. Part of me even feels somewhat sad that I’ve now seen it and will never get to experience it first hand ever again. Now, I just hope another trip will be on the cards soon (maybe even to Broadway). If you haven’t managed to get tickets to Hamilton yet, do not throw away your shot and visit the Ticketmaster website as often as you can as they’re always adding new seats!