Some things in life are oddly just meant to be. Some are decided for us, like fate, some are accidents and some are karma that we’ve had coming for a coherent amount of time. Growing up is a term used loosely by many at various points in everyones lives, for myself I have been denying it for a vast amount of time, and who knows how much longer I shall continue to do the same.

Turning 18 you expect a lot to change, you’re an adult now, you can legally buy alcohol, visit places without your parents, you gain this liberating ‘I don’t care’ feeling, apart from when all the booze is gone, your friends have all left for University you’re merely left out in the sticks, wondering what you are actually trying to do with your life. With no idea on how you’ll ever be able to pay the bills, find love and afford holidays, the reality of being an adult begins to set in.

I’ve always been a huge emotional, dreamer, so I would encourage anybody to follow their dreams no matter how small, or extravagant, it’s important. But, it’s also important not to focus so much on your dreams that you forget about what’s right in front of you. Every day is special, even if you’re doing nothing but reading, or walking the dog, every day and activity is another day on the planet that you should always make the most of. Waiting around and counting down the days until your next adventure becomes extremely tedious and results in you become impatient and grumpy when things don’t necessarily go to your expected plan. It’s important to open your eyes, and remember your surroundings; remind yourself of favourite childhood activities that may only be 10 minutes from your house, doing daily activities should be fun, not forced to fill time waiting for your next adventure.

Life can be hard. Don’t tell yourself it’s going to be easy, not everyone gets what they want straight away, perservence and hard work will forever be the key to an eternity of life goals checked off. But what happens when all of your dreams are fulfilled and you have no more imagination left to think of any more? What now? What is the next stage of your life? I certainly I feel like this at the end of specific parts of my life, whether it be the end of term, the end of the Christmas period at work, or even the end of a book. But it is important to keep going knowing there’s a whole world of experiences to have out there, that’s enough for me to grab the world if open arms and run for miles.

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