Being a huge Disney fan and a big kid at heart I was very excited when I discovered I was going to attend my first ever Disney fancy dress party! I had so many ideas and had no idea where to begin, after a lot of thought and research, I opted for the lost princess: Rapunzel.

Considering I have a creative mind the start of every project always sparks a train of thought and never-ending wondrous ideas. Whenever I start a new adventure or task, my first job is to get the ball rolling and have all of my visual ideas in one place, on nowhere else but Pinterest! Of course, updating your board regularly by deleting and adding items is a necessity because your ideas do change, and the internet does nothing but expand! I’ll link my Rapunzel costume board here ready for you all to steal ideas from.

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The dress is the main part of my costume so I obviously felt it just had to be right. I looked at hundreds of dresses on the internet trying to find the perfect dress matching my ideal, the film, and of course the Disney Parks’ Rapunzel. Eventually, I decided on this beauty that you can buy here, it’s beautifully made, fits wonderfully and is a perfect replica of the film. I would recommend this to anyone if you don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money, but want to spend enough to look awesome!

Ellie heart HAIR EXTENSIONS Ellie heart

I was extremely excited to experiment with ideas for my Rapunzel hair style, I knew I didn’t want to wear a wig so I began to scour the web for crazy long hair extensions. After a lot of googling I managed to find this awesome ‘weave style’ hair extensions that are over 2 metres long! I nearly couldn’t believe it when it arrived, I was so pleased. However, I have an extremely awkward hair colour, so matching up the perfect colour was difficult, but after two attempts I got there, and for only £2.49, the process is very easy and very cheap! However, I was slightly gutted when as soon as I untangled the hair, the hair became extremely matted and tangled (no pun intended). After a lot of brushing and patience I finally managed to get it in my hair at an acceptable state, although they are perfect for what I wanted, the quality is reflected in the little amount I paid for it. I will link the hair extensions here.

Ellie heart FLOWERS Ellie heart

Rapunzel’s hair is a huge part of her so I knew I had to get this right, choosing to opt for the plait was not only easier but more colourful/iconic and of course replicated the Disney Parks’ Rapunzel. I ventured into stores such as Claire’s to hopefully get my hands on an abundance of flowers for my lost princess plait ideas, but to my disappointment all of their flowers were either absurdly expensive or didn’t stock the style/colour I was searching for. Ultimately, I went into Primark and bought flower hair crowns and made them into clips myself, with crocodile clips from Poundland and a glue gun, it was easy and the result perfect!

Considering Rapunzel’s hair is covered in flowers I knew I needed more than this to place perfectly in my real and extra long “fake” hair. I ventured on a hunt once again and discovered these beauties from Hobbycraft, and they were only £2 for 20! Although they weren’t on clips, I managed to entwine them through the use of the wire into my hair perfectly. I’ll link them here. I already knew I wanted some purple flowers so they were perfect to add to the pastel theme. One of the final piece of flowers was a headband from Primark which was full of flowers that some I made into clips and the others were on wires so slotted in perfectly like the Hobbycraft ones.

At first I was going to do my hair myself, but upon realising how much of a nightmare the extensions were to plait myself (and my inability at dutch braiding) my friend that’s a hairdresser kindly said he would do it for me. I showed him all of my Pinterest pictures and he did exactly what I wanted, I was so pleased and everybody loved it!

Ellie heart SHOES Ellie heart

For a long time I was extremely confused on what shoes to wear, I’d looked into translucent jelly style shoes, to give the true Rapunzel feel, knowing bare feet wasn’t entirely acceptable, especially as the party was in a restaurant! After scouring Primark and various other cheap shoe sales I soon became very disappointed and considered wearing my vans (not very princess). And then out of nowhere I discovered these beauties on eBay for so cheap! I’ll place the link here. Sadly, these shoes were never dispatched therefore never arrived to me, even though I ordered them at least 3 months in advance and sadly didn’t release they weren’t arriving until a week before the party. Instead, I ordered these which were basically the same, just a bit more expensive. When they arrived I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were and the perfect colour match to my dress; I can’t put enough emphasis upon how wonderful the shoes matched. Even if the next morning (after staying round a friends) I forgot to pack a spare pair of shoes and had no choice but to walk to work in them…rookie mistake!

Ellie heartACCESSORIES Ellie heart

Of course my first go to accessory with my Rapunzel costume had to be her best friend and chameleon: Pascal. I was extremely stuck on whether to use the Pascal Tsum Tsum, or just my regular plush Pascal. I’m extremely lucky because my Pascal is from Walt Disney World so he’s considerably larger than the usual UK Disney Store plush and has his mouth open like the crazy chameleon that he is! However, he is in fact nearly too big and I considered buying the small one, but resisted not wanting to betray my other Pascal. I shall link the regular Disney Store Pascal here.

My second accessory is Rapunzel’s weapon of choice, a frying pan! I bought just a regular frying pan from Poundland and just added a few coats of black paint to give it the same colour as in the movie. My final accessory was of course…Flynn Ryder! There’s no way Goldie could have found her dream without him! I also considered making a latern out of a lampshade with the well-known sun logo on, but didn’t want something else to carry/lose.


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