I am an avid traveller that adores exploring and finding as much time as possible to go on adventures. Throughout my holidaying life I have ventured to many places in Europe and a couple of states in the US. But, apart from one cold December trip to Disneyland Paris, I have never been on a ‘Winter holiday’ – now, I know what you’re thinking, Winter sun is fine! Oh no, I mean below 0 temperature kind of Winter holiday.

Back in December I was very lucky to be asked to go to Norway for one of my jobs (outside of blogging) and of course I said yes. With my trip to Norway very close on the horizon and Oslo getting as cold as -11 I just knew I had to obviously be prepared. The internet however, didn’t help me in the slightest and instead I had to work it out for myself. So, I have decided to share with you what I am taking on my trip with me to Norway to hopefully help you for your cold adventures.

  • Snow Boots: For part of the trip we are venturing to Finse which is even colder than Oslo as its closer to the mountains and just absolutely covered in snow (like a Winter wonderland) so I had to get some snow boots to ensure my toes were always toasty
  • Padded Coat: Being the fashionista/drama queen that I am I of course wanted a coat that was going to keep me warm, but also look relatively ‘cool’. After a lot of hunting (and I mean a lot) I managed to pick up a waterproof and down-filled coat for £50 in the Zara sale instead of £100! It is so important you get a good coat for your trip because being cold could easily ruin your mood and in turn your trip
  • LUSH Bubble Bar: If your hotel of choice has a bath, then you must take bath potions! After a long day out in the snow or just the streets of Oslo your toes will want nothing but to be soaked in soapy hot water
  • Waterproof Trousers: Probably the most un-sexy thing you will ever purchase in your life has to be waterproof trousers but, they will work wonders on adventures in the snow
  • Thermals: Because the key in -0 temperatures to keeping warm is to layer up without looking like a marshmallow
  • Thermal Socks: Personally, I bought a bigger size in my snow boots just so I could layer up on socks, thermal socks and most probably fluffy socks
  • Earmuffs: For as long as I can remember I have wanted an excuse to buy a pair of fluffy earmuffs and finally the day has come!
  • Hat: Luckily bobble hats can be quite stylish as well as toasty – the trick is to buy the hat with the biggest pom-pom
  • Scarf: Personally, I have packed a cute Jack Wills scarf with snowflakes on, but I’m pretty sure you can also buy thermal scarves if you are super worried about getting a cold neck
  • Sunglasses/Ski Mask: They aren’t joking when they tell you to bring sunglasses…
  • Sun-cream: Also..not joking…
  • Mittens: Because if you’re a baby like me you love nothing more than mittens to keep you lovely and warm – sometimes I pop on gloves underneath too to keep my hands extra warm (even if I do look slightly like a penguin)
  • Jumpers: I have packed an abundance of thick jumpers mainly with turtle necks just to give myself that extra bit of warmth – I’ve also picked a few t-shirts to use as layers


Of course I am taking my other packing essentials along for the trip too, but if you’re interested in that I shall link my ‘Long-Haul Packing Essentials’ post here. Where are you next off to on holiday? Pop it in the comments below!

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