One of my favourite destinations in the world to holiday is the United States, mainly visiting Florida for the Disney and shopping aspect my family and I figured it’s time to mix up the US adventures. My 18th Birthday was back in June and my parents gift was a trip to New York! Considering we’ve never visited there before we’re trying to cram everything in into 5 days, but I thought I would share something with you that I do know how to do: how to pack essentials for long haul flights.

  • First and foremost, one of the most important, probably the most important item actually, is a book or books depending on where you’re going. Usually I pack 2 or 3 considering I’m a quick reader and enjoy spending my time relaxing reading; due to us visiting lots of attractions and getting a minimal amount of time to read (other than the flight) I’ve decided to only pack one book for this trip
  • A notebook and a pen – I tend to carry one with me everywhere I go because I enjoy actually writing rather than using my phone, plus, you never know what you might see that could inspire you
  • Mints for the flight. Although many long-haul airlines give you a mini toothbrush and toothpaste, I’ve never actually bothered to use it. So, for me mints are always an essential after spending many long hours either reading, or drooling in my sleep
  • Hand sanitiser for not only the flight, but the entire trip. Just like the mints, you always feel grotty after a flight so its very important to stay clean, or even just to have a quick freshen up whilst out and about
  • Burt’s Bees lip balm because we all know how dry our lips get on a super cold aeroplane and there is absolutely nothing worse than waiting hours to rummage through your suitcase to find a lip balm to cure your poor dry lips. Over the years I’ve tried very many different lip-balms, but find that Burt’s Bee’s works best for me – I especially love the peppermint one
  • Travel sickness tablets is something I’ve grown to not be able to travel without, it may not be an essential to you, but without them, I’d be in for an extremely bumpy ride
  • Headphones – this one is pretty self-explanatory, music is a must and if films are included in your flight you definitely don’t want to be borrowing uncomfortable headphones from the airline
  • Sunglasses – as soon as you step off that plane more than likely you will want to whack your shades on to stop yourself from being blinded by the sun, or they can be utilised to hide your tired/jet-lagged state
  • My Mickey Mouse watch is usually something that travels with me everywhere in the world, it means a lot to me and there’s nothing I enjoy more than changing the time in a new country
  • Sweets for what I’d usually say are for taking off and landing to stop my ears from popping, but who am I kidding, these are all consumed before we’ve even left the runway
  • Portable charger – do I even have to explain the logic behind this one? If you don’t have one for long journeys you are missing out
  • Some type of hat because I don’t know about you, but my hair is usually a mess after sleeping/relaxing for a long amount of time on a flight- usually I opt for a cap

Of course I take other things that I class as travel essentials that aren’t purely for the flight, such as:

  • My Fujifilm Instax camera and extra film, I never know how many pictures I will/won’t want to take
  • Hairspray – if you’re anything like me, you can’t achieve the perfect wave without it
  • Make-up/wash-bag essentials – make-up remover, face cleanser, dry shampoo, Victoria’s Secret body spray, face cream, contact lenses

And finally, my travel playlist that on every trip I usually try to stick to a theme, this one being of course – New York. Admittedly, I struggled to find New York themed songs, resulting in myself going slightly astray.

  • Welcome to New York – Taylor Swift
  • New York (Empire State of Mind) – Alisha Keys
  • New York, New York – Frank Sinatra
  • New York State of Mind – The Glee Cast
  • Broadway Here I Come – The Smash Cast
  • On Broadway – The Drifters
  • Friend Like Me – Aladdin the Musical
  • Alexander Hamilton – Hamilton

I hope you enjoyed my long-haul travel essentials and of course have a great and safe trip (if you are going away), if not make sure you have a wonderful day.

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