I am the biggest lover of travelling and new adventures so when me and my friend Tara started to plan our trip to Malta I was beyond excited. I’d never visited Malta before or anywhere nearby so I couldn’t wait to explore a brand new island.


We had an afternoon flight from Stansted and were flying with Ryanair. I know, a sentence that nobody really wants to read let alone experience. But, our flights were so cheap and the flight was only 3 hours long so we decided to just pull up our shorts and deal with it. I can honestly say, it wasn’t as bad as I remember. The chairs were comfortable, a lot of the seats were empty so we were able to spread out and the food selection seemed great. For how cheap our flights were you really can’t go wrong. So definitely don’t rule out Ryanair flights, as I promise they’re really not as bad as you expect.

Because our flight was quite late on in the day we didn’t arrive until late in the evening and were super hungry and tired. We decided to book a private transfer through Ryanair transfers as it was only a little bit more expensive than a coach and this way it was direct to our hotel and a lot more comfortable. The best thing about it was definitely walking out of the arrivals gate to a sign with my name on!

The hotel we stayed at was called the Dolmen Hotel. We managed to get a great deal on the hotel through exploring Expedia.co.uk and eventually booked the flight and hotel separately. The hotel was more than worth the price, upon arrival we realised how plush the standard of the hotel actually was. We had 5 pools, breakfast included and the best location. The only thing I would mention is that after a few days of messing around with the air-con and some research on Trip Advisor we realised that the air-con was actually really bad. So we did spend one night tossing and turning in the heat as we didn’t dare open the balcony door as it turned off the supposed ‘air-con.’

We quickly unpacked and then walked down to Buggiba (which was less than a 10 minute walk) and where all the restaurants are located. I hate to admit it but we did have Mcdonalds as a quick and easy pit stop. Because we were so tired we quickly crashed in bed ready for a day of exploring tomorrow.


Due to our long day of travelling we decided to spend a morning by the pool. Our hotel had 5 different pools to choose from (and trust me we explored all of them), we finally decided on the private infinity pool which led out into the sea. We soon found out this was a great choice as nobody really knew it was there as it was slightly hidden and a further walk, so all day we saw a maximum of 6 other people sunbathing at the same pool as us. Although the pool was very cold, I still had to jump in for a quick swim.

Breakfast was included in our hotel and it was a huge all you can eat buffet. The choices ranged from cooked breakfast to fruit and even waffles. We made sure we ate as much as we could at breakfast to stay fuelled for the day in the sun.

After a morning at the pool we quickly got changed and ventured back into Buggiba to get some lunch. Not long after we saw a milkshake bar called Thirsty Cow from afar and decided that was the one. I had a white chocolate and oreo crepe and it was absolutely amazing. After leaving Thirsty Cow we walked down the sea front the opposite way and discovered the Malta National Aquarium! We hadn’t planned to visit the Aquarium but it was only 13 euros and was a great way to get out of the sun and into the air-con.

We managed to spend just over an hour in the Aquarium and it was so great to see an Octopus and a huge range of fish species I’d never seen before. If you have small children I definitely recommend visiting the Aquarium to get out of the sun and keep them entertained for a couple of hours. We then ventured back to the room and got ready for an evening in Buggiba where we had a meal at Georges Seafront Restaurant. The restaurant itself had an amazing view of the sea and had a very casual vibe. I would definitely recommend it if you’re wanting a big lunch and some time out of the sun, or for a casual evening meal. Tara had the scampi and I had the salmon and both meals were delicious. It was a great cheap evening meal and completely chill (which is what you need on holiday). We then went back to our room, put on our PJs and did some sheet face masks before heading to bed.


Before we ventured to Malta we knew we wanted to visit the Blue Lagoon on Comino island. So, we booked an excursion through the hotel and it cost us 30 euros for the whole day including all of our food and drink. We only got a sandwich for lunch, but me being me had already brought snacks onboard to make sure I always had a full belly. We were collected from the hotel on a coach at 10:45am where we were then dropped off at the boat. Upon boarding the boat we found a great spot in the sun where we could see all the wonderful views for miles.

The trip itself was pretty much an entire day and completely worth the money to see the beautiful Blue Lagoon. Some people on the trip were also visiting Gozo so we got to see the boat dock and bits of Gozo. The Blue Lagoon is truly beautiful but not exactly what we expected. When we turned the corner to the main beach area there was music playing and people drinking cocktails from pineapples. Although we weren’t complaining at the fun party atmosphere, I do think others would be confused and not prepared for it, so definitely bare this in mind when planning your trip to the Blue Lagoon.

We were extremely tired after this day trip as it was long and in the sunshine all day, but it was such an amazing experience. If you’re visiting Malta you definitely need to put this top of your list of things to do.

That night we went to Bistroteca for dinner in Bugibba which specialised in burgers and pizza. Being my two favourite things it was difficult to choose what to eat but eventually I decided on the BBQ chicken pizza with fries and it was absolutely insane.


This was our final full day in Malta and we knew that we had to visit the islands capital: Valletta. We considered getting a taxi but it was 25 euros one way and the bus was only 1.50 for a single 40 minute journey. We decided to get the bus to Sliemma where we visited The Point shopping mall which is the perfect place to do a spot of shopping on a rainy day. They had great European stores such as Mango and Bershka. We then boarded the ferry over to Valletta which again was only 1.50 and was only a 10 minute journey.

We then spent the day wandering the streets of the beautiful Valletta. I personally have never visited Italy but from pictures that is what I imagine Italy is like. The streets were gorgeous and there was adventure around every single corner. We had lunch at Caffe Cordina and it was lovely to sit outside and watch the world go by. We both had a pulled pork wrap with french fries and coleslaw.  We decided to also get the bus home but sadly caught it during rush hour. It was difficult to board the bus safely as everyone was pushing and shoving. So if you can avoid travelling on buses between 4-6pm I could not recommend it more.

For dinner we went to the Cheeky Monkey Gastropub which was so much fun (I think it’s because it was a Friday night). They had summer music blasting and even had swings hanging from the ceiling at tables. We both had a cheese and bacon burger and it was delicious. Another great place to grab easy food.


As it was our last day we had planned to have another pool day to relax but when we woke the sun was barely out and the weather forecast was saying it was meant to be cloudy all day. We quickly got ready, packed our cases and decided that we were going to spend the day in Gozo (our flight wasn’t until 9pm). The hotel were great and allowed us to leave our suitcases in the luggage room all day free of charge.

Getting to Gozo was slightly more difficult than Valletta as you have to get a bus to the ferry station and then board the ferry which takes you over the channel to Gozo. This ferry however, is like a big sized ferry that cars could go on underneath. We then had to get the bus from the ferry drop-off into Gozo town. It’s an easy process (with the help of the internet) but it is also a long one when you’re on a time constraint.

Gozo itself is wonderful and so worth the trip. We hadn’t planned to visit Gozo and I would definitely have been disappointed if we hadn’t have done. It’s a lot more quieter than Valletta and shows the real culture of Malta. We wandered the streets, grabbed a slice of pizza for lunch and some Nutella and Kinder Bueno ice cream! We then stumbled upon the Heritage Malta Museums & Sites which was only a 7 euro entry and it gave us the most fantastic view over the city and the Cathedral.

Due to the journey being so long it wasn’t long before we had to start making our way back to the hotel to give us enough time to be ready for our transfer to the airport. Malta airport itself is nice, but the only thing I would mention is that the foodcourt is before security. After security there is very limited places to get hot food, we were there at about 7pm and the Hard Rock Cafe had already finished serving food. So be aware that if you plan to eat at the airport, make sure you eat in the food court before security.

Malta was a great place to visit albeit not always an obvious one. But I thoroughly enjoyed the culture and of course the food. I did also vlog our day in Valletta so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss it! I will link the vlog here.

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