I’m really not sure where to start with this review other than maybe excessive screaming at my laptop screen…but let’s face it, an entire post of ‘ah’ and ‘wow’ wouldn’t be too interesting.

Moana has been a long time coming and it most definitely lived up to every wonderful review that I’d read. As soon as I was in that cinema and I heard the ever so familiar Polynesian music play, I knew I was in for a magical journey. I adored being welcomed into an entirely new culture and am now dying to visit Polynesia!

I am a huge Lin Manuel Miranda fan so I was so excited to finally hear the music in the big screen, of course I’d listened to a few bits, but overall had attempted to avoid listening to the soundtrack as I didn’t want to ruin the purpose of the songs before knowing the context. All I can say is that Lin Manuel Miranda is an utter genius and I don’t think he will ever let me down…the music was absolutely gorgeous and fitted so well, I utterly adored it. I am listening to the soundtrack on repeat…I’m even listening to it right now.

The animation was gorgeous, every scene was beautiful but different compared to the last, the water, trees, fire, everything struck me direct in the heart with a Disney filled bullet of love. I adored every single character, even the ego-tystical Maui. Prior to seeing the film Pua was my favourite, but due to his lack of screen time I have to say I love Moana and Hei Hei just as much. Moana is a beautiful, strong, brave woman that I hope will continue to encourage and inspire children and women of all ages.

I can honestly say that Moana could quite possibly become one of my favourite Disney movies of all time…I just cannot wait to see it again. Moana indefinitely captures something we can’t lose sight of: the true magic and heart of Disney. Which is something we will never lose if we are continually brought classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and now…Moana.

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