Here it is. 1 day until I move to Walt Disney World in Florida for an entire year. Today we are driving to Gatwick airport ready for my one-way flight to Orlando tomorrow…How is this even real?

A lot has happened since my ’25 Days Until Disney World’ post. I had my VISA appointment at the US Embassy in London and I can finally saying that after all that worrying…it was super easy. I got there a little bit earlier than the time they suggested to arrive and I managed to just miss a huge queue behind me. I was in and out of the Embassy in roughly an hour and a half…and of course my VISA was approved!

I’ve worked my last day at The Disney Store which was strange and emotional. I had my family leaving BBQ last Saturday and my work leaving meal last Sunday. In the last week I have said goodbye to many friends and family members that I am going to miss so dearly.

My packing is pretty much done apart from a last few bits. I have all of my dollars ready and my documents all printed ready for immigration and check-in into Disney Housing. I found out that I will be living at Chatham Square which means buses, housing events and Publix. I am happy with my housing but I’m STILL praying for no bunkbeds as that sadly could happen.

In regards to the future I’m not sure how much I will be posting on here. The last 5 months I have committed to posting once a week and it has felt great knowing that I have stuck to that. I hope to try and share as much as I physically can on here but if not I will over on my YouTube channel. Once again this is something I am hopeful to do but won’t 100% be able to commit to it. But do follow me on Instagram as I will be posting lots over there and definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any new content.

Thank you so much for everyone who has followed along with my journey so far and will continue to as I start my Cultural Representative Program at Walt Disney World Monday June 4th.