Wow it really does pain me to write this but yes, I am now 19. A couple of weeks back I celebrated my birthday and I still can’t believe that I’m in my final year of being a teenager. My birthday week was filled with lots of fun activities so I of course decided the best idea would be to share them with you guys.

The day of my birthday was an extremely fun day. This may sound slightly strange but for my big day I wanted to go to Wroxham Barns. For everyone not from the Norfolk area, Wroxham Barns is a place you can go to stroke cute baby animals such as chicks, goats and lambs – so why wouldn’t you want to go there on your birthday?

I got up super early to get ready to venture into the city to have breakfast before our big day ahead of us cuddling anything small or cute. We went to Bill’s because their breakfast is to die for – I of course had the Bill’s Breakfast (a huge fry up). Although our stay was short the waitress was super sweet and even brought us over some birthday doughnuts to celebrate. After some presents and a walk with BB-8 back to my car it was time to hit the road.

The journey itself seemed to take forever and I really did feel like I was driving into the middle of nowhere but soon we arrived and I was so excited! Upon entering we bought our wrist bands and some feed for the animals and made our way to one of the barns for the first chick cuddle.

Although the chicks were a lot bigger than I anticipated (it’s the wrong time of year for baby chicks) they were still so cute. But what really took my eye was the super adorable guinea pigs! I have never held a guinea before but oh my goodness I fell in love!

After an hour or so of wandering around feeding various animals we ventured into the goat shed. I had been warned about the goat shed before but I thought nothing of it until I entered and every single goat was leaning over the fence attempting to steal my bag of feed! So I tried to spread it out evenly until I saw a really small goat in the back corner who wasn’t begging. Instantly I ran like a maniac to not be attacked by any of the other goats when the little one jumped up and stole my entire bag of feed…and I mean he ate the entire thing…including the bag. One thing I definitely learnt was not to judge a goat by its size.

We then had a late lunch and rested a little while before heading out onto the road. After this I went back home to spend some time with my family and to go out for dinner in the evening. We had never been to this particular restaurant before but had heard lots of wonderful things: ‘The Station Smokehouse’. It was situated above the train station in Wroxham and the restaurant itself is set out exactly like a train cart. The food is absolutely amazing – if you’re ever looking for a taste of America in the UK then this is the place to go. I had the BBQ pulled pork and it was immense, I cannot wait to go back to this restaurant and take everybody I know! I’ll link their website here so you can check it out.


The weekend after my birthday I had a joint celebration with one of my friends from work as his birthday was that day. We had a chilled dinner at ‘Grovesner Fish Bar’ (my favourite fish and chip shop in the entire world) before heading out into the town for a few drinks.

Our first stop was ‘The Belgium Monk’ where we had the almighty cherry beer – the best and only beer I actually enjoy. After one drink we moved onto ‘Mr Postles Apothecary’ and I have never been there before in my life but I was so glad that we stumbled upon it. We had a super cool teapot drink that came out in a test tube and was bubbling over – it looked so awesome! We then spent the night dancing and singing away there.

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Thank you so much to everyone that wished me a happy birthday or was lovely enough to buy me a gift, I am so grateful for every single one of you.