This week brings you the long overdue post about my recent trip to Norway for the ‘Visit Hoth’ Star Wars convention. If you’re unaware, every Sunday for the last four weeks I have been uploading daily vlogs from our trip to Norway. I didn’t want to interfere with the flow and upload a blog post from the trip smack bang in the middle of all the vlogs so I figured I’d wait until I’d finished uploading to share a blog post with you all. I was slightly on the back foot about writing a blog post on the trip at all, but I know some of you enjoy reading more than watching and this way I can share some never before seen pictures from the convention and our overall trip with you.


Our flight was 12:40 from Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 so we got up super early and got on the road to avoid any traffic or setbacks. Upon arrival we flew through departures and ran straight to the airport lounge (where the food was). After a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich we had a quick nosy around the duty free where I panic bought some concealer (I thought I hadn’t packed any but of course I had).

The flight itself was quick and I spent majority of it filming/editing. However, the food was extremely disappointing. Whenever I’ve flown with British Airways before it’s been nothing but delightful (even for a short flight) but this trip the food was definitely not up to BA usual standards (and on the flight home too).

Once we touched down in Norway, we grabbed our luggage and got the train to Oslo train station where we then hopped in a cab to our hotel. The first night of our trip we stayed in the same hotel as last time The Hotel Christiania Teater and it was absolutely lovely as ever. The staff are always so polite, talkative and helpful and the room was gorgeous. After a brief meeting with the hotel photographer we planned a photoshoot and decided to quickly grab some food. We did a bit of googling to see what was near us and soon discovered a little place called ‘Mamma Pizza’. And I was so glad we did find it as the food was beyond insane. We both had a calzone with pepperoni, ham, cheese, mushrooms etc. The service was lovely and extremely quick which is exactly what we needed.

We then spent a couple of hours on a photoshoot for the hotel before crawling into bed for the night. The one hour time difference made me stay up just a little bit later doing some editing before crashing out.


The second day of our trip was essentially another travel day. ‘Visit Hoth’ itself is actually in Finse which is a 4/5 hour train journey up North so majority of our day was spent travelling. We had a lovely lunch on the train (I had a waffle with jam) and of course did more editing and watched an episode of Riverdale to keep me entertained. We had the most beautiful view from our room and as always the service from ‘Finse 1222’ (the hotel) was delightful.

We had a couple of talks in the evening from people that worked on the filmset of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and after what felt like a tediously long day we once again crashed in bed – excited for the big day tomorrow.


The Saturday of the trip was the big day of the entire convention! It was when majority of the characters came out to play, the shop was open, the main talks were happening and the Star Wars quiz etc. I woke up bright and early to make sure I had a good breakfast and was ready for the big day ahead! Sadly, we had to miss the morning talk as it fell directly over when we had to prepare to do our job so I didn’t manage to catch any of that.

The main day of ‘Visit Hoth’ is easily the busiest for myself and for anyone that attends the convention. There’s always something to do and someone to meet around every single corner so you’ll never be bored. I spent my day with C-3PO, R2-D2 and my lovely porg that we won from DJK Costumes & Props, but did have the chance to meet lots of other characters such as Stormtroopers, Resistance Pilots and even Boba Fett. We all found it extremely fun to have the characters on the platform of ‘Finse 1222’ (the train pulls in right in front of the hotel) as the trains pulled in so we spent a lot of the time running in and out to ensure that we kept warm and surprised every train.

After our stint was over we packed down and I got into my Rey costume where we managed to take some awesome pictures of Rey in Hoth (a little bit different to Jakku I must add with the -11 temperatures). In the afternoon there was a pancake making machine where you could have any Star Wars character made and then it was time for the Galactic Dinner and another talk in the evening from the main speaker: Alan Tomkins; I’ll link his awesome book about working on Star Wars and other movies here.


By this point in the trip we were absolutely knackered! Despite this, we had to get up super early to be packed and ready to leave after the dog-sledding at 10am. Luckily, we were prepared and had brought lots of gear for the snow such as waterproof trousers, snow boots and thermals (I can’t even imagine what it’s like without them on). Even though it was my second time dog-sledding it was still the most sensational experience and I would do it over and over again. This time we travelled out to the ‘Chewy T’ and the ‘Han Solo shooting rock’ I added the pictures/footage into my vlog if you are totally confused what I’m talking about.

We then made our way back to the hotel and packed up our last remaining things before hopping onto the train to make our way back to Oslo saying goodbye to Finse one last time. On the train we indulged in some pizza to pass the time and of course…more editing (shocker). That night we stayed at the wonderful hotel: ‘The Thief’ which was a sister hotel to the original hotel we stayed in. It was beyond luxurious and even supplied us with dressing gowns (the key to my heart).

That night we went out for burgers at the ‘Dogvnill’ restaurant and they were absolutely insane! After what felt like a long day travelling we crashed out (again) in our fancy hotel room ready for our last day in Norway the next day.


Our flight home to the UK wasn’t until the evening so after a slow day eating breakfast and packing up we ventured to ‘The Fram Museum’ to see the Gjøa boat which was the boat that was used on the first expedition to reach the North Pole. We then quickly went back to our hotel for a quick photoshoot at ‘The Thief’ and then we were off to the airport.

Thank you to everyone that made this trip possible. We had the most amazing time and are so grateful for this awesome opportunity. I will link a playlist of my Norway vlogs here in case you missed them and remember to like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like to see more content.

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