Now what? What’s next? Ellie what are you going to do when you get home? What do you do in the real world? What’s your REAL job? All questions we find extremely difficult to find an adequate answer to.

If any of you reading this are new here firstly welcome but also let me do a short preface. I have just spent a year in Florida working at Walt Disney World as a Cultural Representative aka any Disney lovers dream. Being a regular at Walt Disney World my entire life I have wanted to do this program. Consequently, I am therefore feeling a little glum after achieving my lifelong dream.

What does one do when they achieve their dream at 19? I am close to turning 21 now but when I packed my life and magic into a suitcase and traveled 4000 miles away, I was a scared 19 year old that had never even lived away from home before. Now, I’m about to turn 21 and am realising I am slowly descending down the colossal slope of becoming an adult. I had the most magical year of my life and I cannot emphasise that enough. No words can explain the feelings or experiences I have had the honour of not only being a part of, but creating myself in the past year. My dream lived up to the reality of what I wanted it to and I couldn’t be happier at my success.

But what do I do now? Achieving your dream at 19 is not only a huge achievement but also a big deal in regards to the rest of my life and my career. I’m not sure if you heard me the first time but I worked at WALT DISNEY WORLD. THE PLACE WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE. Ok, glad that’s clear because I still can’t believe I was able to to say that out loud (trust me I even I squealed a little bit). So where does one even go from there? Surely that’s the peak of my career?

I started to feel myself crumble. I’d heard of post Disney depression but never felt it to this degree, only from holidays. I felt a longing, but I wasn’t sure what for. And then it came to me. I realised I missed making magic. Making guests smile for absolutely no reason other than because I could. High-fiving small children and sometimes even receiving warm hugs and small gifts (usually gravy covered menus with sweet messages addressed to ‘Eli’). Creating happiness for others truly is the warmest and kindest satisfaction one could feel and why would I want to do anything else?

I myself am extremely lucky that I still work for the company and am proud enough to say I have done so for nearly 5 years now. This is one of my biggest achievements and I cannot wait to see where this journey will take me next. Working for Disney was and always will be the greatest honour and I am so lucky I get to call this my job.

I’m not sure what’s next for me and honestly that’s okay. I’m very grateful that working for this company has endless of opportunities where I can hopefully find an endgame job. But for now, I will continue to make magic and can only dream I will be able to for the rest of my life.