Considering I am a huge Star Wars fan, I was extremely excited to venture into Hollywood Studios on our most recent trip to Florida to see what galactic changes have been made since we last visited in 2015.

Obviously, one of the biggest changes was the removal of the Art of Animation building, and replacing it with the Star Wars Launch Bay. Although I was majorly heartbroken about this loss as I have always loved drawing, this newly added Star Wars experience is beyond amazing. The decor and detail was just sublime and spot on; I couldn’t wait to get inside and explore. For anybody who has visited a Disney Park, you know how hard it is to meet specific characters, or even then waiting hours at a time for just a 5 minute photo slot, in the Launch Bay however, Stormtroopers and Jawa’s were just freely wandering around for you to interact with and have pictures with. This was a lovely opportunity to easily meet and greet characters without having to wait for hours in line! Luckily, never having met a Jawa before, I got to have a quick conversation with one; he was extremely cute and was amazed when he saw my flashy ears, even trying to steal them!

Whilst on the topic of my out of this galaxy ears, I must go into detail. By this point we’d already visited Epcot and I’d already bought some new Belle ears from Disney Boardwalk, but as soon as we entered Hollywood Studios the first shop we went into I laid eyes on the most amazing pair of ears I have ever seen. They were transparent and covered in TIE-fighters and the death star, (beyond amazing already) and then I realised they lit up.  Of course I rushed to a Cast Member to ask how much they were…only $15! I just had to have them, especially when the Cast Member told me they hadn’t had them in in months and they sell out every time; I justified it by calling them my ‘night ears’. Anyway, every time I wore my wonderful ears about 20 people would approach me asking where they were from because they had never seen them before, I honestly have never felt so popular. Moral of the story: if you ever see these ears you must buy them, not because they are limited edition but because they are so awesome.


One of my favourite attractions in the park is Star Tours; luckily, the wait is never crazy long for it so we always get to ride it in all of its glory. This year we walked on and I said to my brother how cool it would be if they updated it to feature BB-8 and Rey, to my delight they had! I almost screamed when Finn popped up on the side screen, ok maybe I definitely screamed when BB-8 appeared…but sadly no Rey.

We decided to watch Fantasmic and then rushed like no tomorrow to the Chinese Theatre to see the ‘Galactic Spectacular Fireworks’, and trust me, the running was worth it. The instrumental was booming across the park as the trees glittered and a montage of our favourite films were projected on the Chinese Theatre. These fireworks are some of the best I have ever seen, and definitely worth staying in the park late for; I could and would watch them over and over again. Make sure you don’t miss them.

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