As soon as I saw the ‘Art of Belle’ collection emerging on social media, I almost couldn’t wait for it to come into stores. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a huge Belle fan and have been ever since I was little, so this was extremely exciting for me, especially as everything in the collection was almost designed for adults!

The first thing that I got my hands on, that coincidently I had been dreaming about for weeks, was the compact mirror. This, I managed to pick up on a vacation in Florida in the Disney Store in Florida Mall; although I was excited, I was disappointed that there wasn’t any other pieces from the collection in the store, but it hadn’t been released in England yet, so I was still giddy with happiness to own it.

The next thing I got my hands on, wasn’t until about a month after buying the compact mirror was the tumblr and sketch style mug. When the collection was released on the UK online store it almost sold out in the first week and I was extremely saddened when my local Disney Store didn’t stock the collection due to being a smaller store. But eventually they did and I am now the proud owner of this beautiful mug and cup that I can assure you, I use daily.

I absolutely adore the mug because it features Belle in her blue dress, nothing is better than blue dress Belle wanting more than her provincial life! Not only this, but the drawings are absolutely beautiful, I love the mixture of the iconic colours and the mere black and white sketches.

The second piece that I most probably use daily is the tumblr, which to my surprise, is actually glass! This was a huge game changer for me, although I am always frightened of smashing it I do generally feel more ‘adult’ drinking from it. The design is absolutely gorgeous and I adore how it has Beast on one side and Belle on the other, because it really isn’t very often you see nice Beast merchandise. The colour is also lovely, the pinks really compliment the feel of the designs.

The last piece from the Art of Belle collection that I managed to get my hands on was the snow globe, although it was £50 it was beyond worth it for the amount of happiness I get just from watching it snow. I was worried it might be too christmassy, but as soon as I realised it lit up and sang ‘Something There’ (one of my favourite songs from the movie) I just had to have it. Plus, I own a lot of Disney merchandise but nothing ornamental so it’s lovely to own something that I can have and adore for eternity. I especially love the added detail of Mrs Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth at the back, its a shame they are hidden, but they make the whole thing extremely special.

The only pieces from the collection that I feel I’m missing is the enchanted rose mug and the lithographs, they are both so beautiful and pull the entire collection together. I’ll link the collection on the Disney Store website here for you to definitely have a look. Not only this, but I also thought I’d take this opportunity to share other parts of my Belle collection that aren’t just from the Art of Belle collection.

Everything I own that is Belle merchandise themed I absolutely adore. One of my favourite mugs ever is of course my Chip mug; as soon as I saw him in Disney’s Hollywood Studios I just had to buy him, he really is something of my childhood dreams. Another piece from the parks in Florida that I own is my Princess Belle Minnie ears that I mentioned previously in my Walt Disney World exclusives post. Another favourite is my pyjamas from Topshop, they are so comfy and cute and although I bought them for my holiday to Florida this year, I wear them nearly weekly! I’ll link them here. When the Art of Belle collection was released so was a general Belle merchandise collection in the Disney Store, so I managed to get my hands on these beautiful bows that are very Belle-esque and brighten up any dull outfit, I love popping mine in when I’ve created Belle inspired hair, it really finishes off the look. Finally is my rucksack which I use daily; although it’s a childrens rucksack it is perfect size for me and keeps everything safe, especially keeping my books in good condition. It’s perfect for traveling and I most definitely cannot wait to take it on my next trip.

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