As soon as I watched ‘Tangled Before Ever After’ I just knew I had to write a blog post to share how much I absolutely adored the Disney Channel Original Movie. I have always loved Rapunzel and everything she stands for – I relate to her yearns for adventure and wanting to leave her tower. Not only this, but my entire childhood was watching every single Disney Channel TV program and movie available, so it was almost inevitable that I was going to adore everything about it.

When Disney released the trailer and the series that would follow I was literally wetting myself with excitement. The movie itself premiered on Friday 10th March in the US and the first episode of the series is Friday 24th March – since I watched the movie and fell in love, I am definitely counting down the days until the series.

I heard the song ‘Wind in my Hair’ a few weeks back and instantly fell in love. Rapunzel’s adventurous and fun nature was reborn through the song and I couldn’t wait to see the movie to hear more. Since, I have been listening to the three songs on repeat – I couldn’t love them any more if I tried, they’re fun, magical and most importantly very Disney.

The story itself focuses on Rapunzel living back in the kingdom of Corona as a Princess with her mother, father and friends Pascal, Maximus and of course our favourite ‘Prince’ Flynn Ryder. At first Rapunzel has short brown hair but by the end of the movie her beautiful 70 feet of hair has magically grown back.

The animation itself is ‘old school’ style but I absolutely love it – its different but pushes our focus back on the story itself instead of the wonderful animation. I laughed, cried – any fan of Disney and especially Rapunzel need to watch this Disney Channel Original Movie and in turn the series.

I also saw a tiny rumour on the Disney Store Facebook page that there is plans to bring out merchandise alongside the series premiering in the UK! I absolutely love any Rapunzel merchandise so I cannot wait to see it all in the flesh (and am praying its not a rumour).

I absolutely cannot put emphasis upon how much you should watch this movie and the series – I know we all see Disney Channel and instantly think of our childhood, but who said we can’t still enjoy it as much as we would in our childhood. Which Disney Channel movie/series is your favourite? Pop it in the comments below!

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