Living in England can always be tremendous great fun, Europe is awfully close for slightly exotic holidays, and even closer to home, is the well loved city of London. Day trips are nearly almost a necessity when you live only 2 hours away from the beautifully busy city; luckily I am a huge fan of busy compared to the quiet country life of my home village, but as we arrived in the early hours of a Saturday morning the cobbled streets of Covent Garden were apocalyptically bare.

Although this was strange, it was almost delightful and allowed us to mooch along at our own pace, almost discovering Covent Again once again, but from a different angle considering how sinisterly quiet it was. We began the day with a light brunch at Balthazar, which is a beautiful brasserie dining restaurant, of course, I had tea, with a croissant. Although historically gorgeous, the decor did remind me slightly The Tower of Terror in Disney World…However, the food was delightful and the service absolutely impeccable, I’ll insert the menu here.

Next we moved onto the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, which is luckily basically opposite Balthazar, wherein we were about to undergo a Backstage tour of the theatre. Being a great lover of the theatre I was extremely excited, but considering I’ve done lots of amateur shows myself, I was intrigued to see how they differed from a professional West End stage. I was soon extremely delighted when I discovered new information about theatre, but also rediscovered old information I already knew thanks to my A-levels in Drama and Performing Arts. Our tour guide was a never ending book of knowledge and took us everywhere throughout the theatre from the royal box, to underneath the stage! As we ventured around I could absorb the history I felt in the theatre, considering it was the oldest and largest theatre in Europe, I felt absolutely ecstatic to be there. This experience was a must-do for any theatre lover, I’ve done it once and definitely want to do it at other theatre’s too on my next visit! I’ll link the booking website here.

We wandered the streets of London and ended up in Fortnum & Mason, Queen Elizabeth’s  favourite department store! Being a huge lover of tea, and of course, the royal family, this visit was a huge delight for me, and not to mention how florally beautiful it was.

Sticking to the theatre loving theme, our next stop was the wonderful Theatre Cafe! Placed opposite the Les Misérables, I knew I was definitely in for a treat. As we entered Musicals were blasting out from the speakers, covering the cafe with iPads which acted as jukebox’s allowing you to choose what tune to play next, props covered the walls and I didn’t know where to look as I attempted to soak up the never-ending memorabilia in such a small room. I enjoyed every second from the roaring show tunes, to the names of the drinks; despite being tempted by a ‘My Fair Latte’ (even though I don’t even like coffee), I devoured a ‘Defying Gravitea’ for my love of tea and of course my favourite musical ever.

Soon we made our way back to Drury Lane to take our seats for ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’; being a huge book lover, Roald Dahl was of course a favourite of mine as a child, the original movie also making many appearances in my daily childhood lifestyle.  The show was of course amazing, but I’m still yet to find a show in the West End that I’m not a fan of. You can read my full review of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ here.

Before heading for the train home we devoured a colossal amount of food (after deciding to walk from Covent Garden to Hoxton…taking roughly 40 minutes when we were already hungry…slight mistake). Arriving in Hoxton we ate at Mea Mission, which is a hipster burger joint with some of the most amazing food in London, the burgers were delicious and the onion rings to die for. This is definitely a place I intend to go to again, absolutely amazing; I’ll insert the menu here.

Before we knew it, our fun-filled theatre and food day had come to an end, London is one of my favourite places to go and I am extremely lucky it’s so close, I’m already hoping to plan my next trip back.

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