Happy (early) Valentine’s Day everyone! I thought I would just share with you guys what I like to get up to on Valentine’s Day to treat myself – because let’s face it, we need to love ourselves the most this Valentine’s Day. 2018 is the year I’m making a conscious effort to take better care of myself, so here’s my gift guide from me to me with all the necessities of how to relax/take care of yourself this V day.

  • Bath bombs: Baths are the best way to relax of an evening and the only way to have the perfect bath is with some form of LUSH product. My favourite bath bombs from LUSH are Space Girl, Dragons Egg and the Golden Wonder.
  • PJ’s: Nothing makes me happier than a new pair of PJ’s and I managed to grab the cutest pair ever from H&M recently that are love heart themed – they’re adorable and perfect for a relaxing night in.
  • Moisturiser: After you’ve had your relaxing bath of course you need to treat your body to a full moisturise. I know I always have dry hands and legs so its always ideal to have a good moisturiser at hand for whatever the time of year. 
  • Romance Novel: I am a sucker for a teenage angst romance novel so of course I would buy myself a trashy novel to keep me occupied. One I just read and adored was ‘All the Bright Places’ – I laughed, I cried, everything about it was just amazing, I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Hot Chocolate: Because alcohol isn’t always essential right? Hot chocolate makes me ready for bed in almost an instant.
  • Perfume: I am obsessed with making my way through all of my perfumes before I move to Florida but one of my favourites is ‘Victoria’ by Victoria’s Secret as it smells absolutely amazing!
  • Romcom:  What better way to chillout in your pjs with snacks other than watching a fun, chilled romcom? Some of my favourites are Bridget Jone’s Diary, 27 Dresses and Bridesmaids.
  • Food: Because the greatest love on earth is a girl and her relationship with food. Of course the go-to food for Valentine’s day is chocolates, but I am definitely all about the pizza this Valentine’s.
  • Face Mask: I am constantly on the conquest to acquire the perfect skin as whenever I have spotty skin I feel quite paranoid. So face masks regularly are always a must. I’ve linked my favourite, go-to mask below.
  • Underwear: Although I am a sucker for Disney underwear you can’t go wrong with some Victoria’s Secret underwear. Why not treat yourself?
  • Plush: Because would it be a post by me without something Disney related? I can’t cuddle up and relax without a cute plush – my favourite at the minute is of course my porg plush from The Last Jedi.

What are you guys up to this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!