Wow where do I begin? October was such a whirlwind of a month for me and it truly does break my heart that it flew by as quickly as it did. As many of you know I pretty much treat Halloween like a religious ritual and have daily parties just knowing I’m celebrating my favourite month of the year. But this month was slightly different. I was all over the place from working four jobs, going on work trips to London and attempting to still function as a human being.

So, why am I a crazy human being you ask? Well one of the exciting things I did this month was not only audition but was successfully cast as a scare actor for a local Halloween attraction called ‘PrimEVIL’. I worked many long, late, cold nights rolling around in the bushes but had the most wonderful time. I made a copious amount of new friends through bizarre interactions such as scaring a girl so much she claimed she ‘wet herself’ and learnt many valuable things from this amazing acting opportunity.

Not only this but I somehow got myself caught in a situation which resulted in me having bungee training and scaring customers whilst…on…a..bungee. Madness I know. So not only was I going home every night with crusty blood in my hair and in to work the next morning with dirt on my neck I was giving myself a workout jumping around like a madman on a bungee.

Regardless, I’m so glad I took part and hope I will be able to take part again at some point in the future as the experience really was one in a million.


Alongside of this, I worked my usual jobs of being a Disney Cast Member, a waitress and my freelance Disney work. I was working 60 hour weeks, managed to miss a trip to Rome and am still now attempting to recover from the daunting workload. The lead up to Halloween I of course had to decorate, but this year was left in charge of decorating the restaurant I work at. I went absolutely mad with decorations as per and carved quite possibly the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever seen. As a tradition I got all of my pumpkins from my favourite pumpkin patch (Hill Farm Farm Shop) and some amazing sparkly pumpkins from Asda. To correlate with my awesome decorations we also dressed up. Due to my role as a waitress being quite active I was wary of going all out (trust me I usually do) and figured serving tables would be quite difficult, so instead I opted for a simple yet cute bat!



I was rewarded ‘Cast Member of the Quarter’ at work and even celebrated my 3 year anniversary with the Walt Disney Company which I was/still am extremely excited for. Last year I celebrated by watching Aladdin on Broadway in New York but sadly didn’t do anything quite as extravagant this year so I hope to do something to celebrate soon.

After two trips to London (admittedly one at the beginning of November) I think its about time I take a break. Saying this, I’m in the midst of working a near 50 hour week and have a list of things as long as my arm that I should be doing. Amusingly, I even warned my best friend at the end of September to just pretend that we’d fallen out for October as I won’t be able to see her. So all I can do is apologise and promise that I will be back into the blog flow extremely soon as I have more than enough ideas to fill the pages…and most importantly I miss having the time to spill my thoughts.