We’ve all experienced moments in our lives where we don’t feel we’ve done ourselves proud. Where we don’t feel we tried hard enough. Where we pull ourselves apart because we didn’t get perhaps what we wanted in that exact moment. But it is okay. Something I have learnt in becoming an adult is to deal with failure and rejection in a way that you won’t beat yourself up, because if not you do nothing but continue to put yourself down, when in fact, you’re are amazing and I’m pretty sure worked very hard for this thing you didn’t perhaps get.

I’m an avid Musical Theatre enthusiast and love nothing more than performing in amateur productions, many of these being at school. Not only this but I am also a huge Disney fan, my favourite character when I was younger was Belle, I always skipped about singing to her songs in my bedroom, and developed a love of reading thanks to her, so she is a huge part of my childhood and me. In my last year of High School, I discovered that our show would be ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and I have never been so excited, finally a chance to not only audition for my dream role of Belle, but to maybe even play her! I worked all summer on my audition, leading up to it I watched the movie every day after school just watching her every move. Before the audition I became extremely nervous and ended up singing the entire song wrong, I was gutted and went home and cried for a good few hours. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get the part; because I’d worked myself up about it so much when it came to auditioning I just broke. This experience was a sad one for me and more importantly childhood me, but was also an important learning curve. I got given the part of a ‘Silly Girl’ and many other ensemble roles, and was even relied on as Belle’s understudy, I was so upset and nearly didn’t go ahead with the show. But I did and I am so glad I did, I enjoyed playing my ‘Silly Girl’ character, pushed myself to learn the can-can and made wonderful new ‘Theatre-family’ friends. The point of this long-winded story is, it may not always work out how you intend, or aspire it to, but if you’re the bigger person than your hurt self, you can enter the next opportunity with an open heart and ready to learn.


Dealing with rejection can put you down for days, it can make you cry, panic, anxious, but it is important to carry on, to see your friends, to go out and look for your next opportunity to not only grow as a person, but follow your dreams. I myself, have many dreams and for a long time have become frustrated and concerned about when they will start, but I always seem to forget I’m only 18 and have at least 10 years to run at the world with open arms experiencing so many new things. Failure and rejection is ok and it is normal, everybody goes through it, sometimes they just don’t admit it, so don’t feel you’re not normal, reach out to someone, anyone, and you will feel better.

Whenever I fail, I start to look at all of the things I am lucky to have and the list begins to pile up. I read feel good books, I distract myself with being creative, see friends and mainly plan new adventures. And of course, imagine the next opportunity I can fulfil my childhood dream of playing Belle.

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