It’s no secret that winter has truly been upon us recently in the UK. For the past week it has been snowing heavily and I have never been so grateful for my wooly jumpers and warm scarves. Following my ‘Autumn Favourites’ I decided to deliver a ‘Winter Favourites’ to you too.

    1. Ear Muffs: For a while I have wanted to try ear muffs but have always been too scared. But, late last year I took the plunge and finally picked up a pair in the Jack Wills sale and I honestly love them to bits! They keep my ears so warm and look so cute!
    2. ‘Wind in my Hair’: The new Tangled song! I have no words to describe how much I have been obsessed with this song since it was released – I cannot wait for the program to premier on the Disney Channel in March *screams*
    3. L’Oreal Clay Face Mask: Since I decided to completely beautify my skin I did a lot of research to find out what products I should be using. I soon discovered that this face mask was top of the list on Influenster for face masks and boy was I not disappointed! I use it three times a week and can see so much of a difference – you can honestly feel the mask working on your face
    4. TROLLS: Ever since I finally watched Trolls I have been absolutely obsessed with everything about it from the soundtrack to Princess Poppy. I will definitely be grabbing the DVD now that its been released here in the UK
    5. Embroidered Jeans: Absolutely everywhere I have been seeing embroidered jeans and I just knew I had to grab a pair. Personally, I always find Topshop jeans expensive and not worth the money, so when I found a gorgeous pair in Primark for £16 instead of £50, I was extremely pleased
    6. Frilly tops: I have been absolutely obsessed with any top with a frill on at the minute – whether it be a strapless top, turtle neck or blouse you name it…I adore it
    7. Tanya Burr Cheek Illuminator: I’ve been on a mission recently to attempt to experiment and try new make-up so when I saw this in Superdrug (in all its rose gold packaging glory) I just knew I had to pick it up! I absolutely love the colour and how easy it is to apply – perfect for ‘on the go’ blush if you don’t have a brush!
    8. Tweezers: This is a slightly strange one but I have massive eyebrows and I would definitely have a monobrow (and at one point did) if it wasn’t for the wonder some tweezers
    9. Padded Parka Coat: Recently in Norwich it’s been so cold that it’s been snowing so I was so glad I managed to pick up a coat for £50 (instead of £100) in the Zara sale! Sadly, my specific one has disappeared from the website so I’ve linked a similar one below
    10. Benefit Ka-Brow!: Sticking to the brows theme I am always on the hunt for new brow products so when I saw that Benefit were releasing a brow range I just knew I had to go crazy. My favourite is the ‘Ka-Brow’ because the brush/wax allows you to apply as much or as little you fancy depending on whether you’re going for a harsh or a natural look


And that concludes my 2017 Winter Favourites! What new item have you recently discovered that you love? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll link my Autumn Favourites here in case you missed it.

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